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It's good to know I'm not the only one intimidated by mitered borders! I have that book too, but use a different one when I have to do the miters.

Can't wait for this pattern to hit your shop!

All I want for Christmas... NOW, is a huge work surface.. :) My beautiful dining room table is off limits to anything. I just need a nice space to work on that I'm not afraid to touch or scratch, and won't snag my fabric etc. OH, and one that isn't the floor. My poor aching head, knees, back. I love your huge space you have to work on here.. JEALOUS!

I LOVE mitered borders. I taught myself how from a book, and I've not looked at the book again. They look great, and really aren't that hard. It's easier when there are more than one border done at the same time. The scalloped border is great.

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