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Fabulous! Well done, everyone.


it is stunning!!!

Outstanding in both catagories. And for the design.


It's beautiful! Quilting is great. Mine is still a WIP...someday it will look like that.

That must have been a heckuva guild show. I can't imagine that two other quilts could have been more beautiful than this one!

beautiful work - you must be delighted to see a such a example of your pattern

Must have been a great show if that was third place! Beautiful!

Beautiful quilt!!!

That was the one I emailed you about Erin. I saw it at th show and it is stunning!

Sherry's quilt is even more beautiful in person, I still can't believe it didn't get a first place ribbon. Way to go, Sherry.
Hugs Turtle

That is absolutely gorgeous. I hope to be able to make something like that one day before I die. It is a dream quilt.

Wow....Without words.

Beautiful!!! I'm working on mine now, can't wait to get it finished.

Beautifully done, and I admire the perseverance it took to finish such a big project! Wonderful job ladies!!

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