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Hello, I tried to follow the directions for drafting my own Sri Yantra. It was pretty frustrating. If you're still willing to send out your pattern, I'd like a copy of it.

Thank you!

J'aimerais moi aussi me lancer dans cette aventure, donc je serais très intéressé par votre modèle en 21 " merci d'avance
I too get into this adventure, so I'd be very interested in your model 21 "thank you in advance

Morning Erin,
I would appreciate your 21inch draft of the Sri Yantra design.

Are the rest of the instructions for this quilt listed somewhere? Thanks! It's a beautiful quilt.

i am in love with this quilt design. I would truly appreciate having directions on how to make it. I have taken up quilting again and would love to apply my yoga practice to my quilting practice. Quilting is very yogic. How awesome to combine the sri yantra design into a quilt.

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