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Totally awesome!

So I immediately clicked on it and surprise - you can buy caskets and urns right online!

Erin you totally crack me up! I must possess some of the dark and entirely inappropriate sense of humor :) Awesome website!

Oh, Erin, I didn't laugh so much for so long.

Thank you, you are sooo funny. Pls go on with this blog.
I also admire your tutorials. Thanks again.

So I saw this tag on the tag list and if course I ran right over to Costco.com! Lol. I think you should have continued with fun little moments with this tag! Hey, its not too late to start it up again!

Yep, we'll all need a funeral, quite a few family members & good friends have passed. We can't get out of this world alive. Keep laughing when it happens. Be happy.

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