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Wow, thank you. I am really looking forward to this. Your designs are just beautiful.

WOW! That is simply wonderful and I'm looking forward to joining along. Can't wait to get started :oD

I am so looking forward to this BOM. Is it all right if I post about it and put a link on my blog?

That would be Great

Amazing - LOVE it!! I'm gonna post about it on my blog too!!

Found out about it at Annette's! http://sunshineyellow-stitches.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much!!

Wonderful ! Have you a fabrics requirement idea, please to start this Bom ?

I would love fabric reqs. too please! An approx is good, erroring on too much fabric. :) Saw your recommendation for background and saw your pic of fabrics you will use - 1/2 yard for each color?

Also, your Miss Hannah medallion - how can I purchase that pattern? I have poked around but have missed where I can get that...your help is appreciated! Karen B.'s site is evil too - thanks for that link!

Erin, I went to Etsy but couldn't find your Hannah block to purchase. Please let me know where to look. Thanks!!!

I've just read about your BOM on another blog. Well, I must say the first block is magnificent! Success!!!!

Wow, Bea directed me to your web log. I love it! This block of the month is tempting me and I love your tutorials about appliqué with the very clear photo's. Thank you so much, I will be back soon!
I have written about your blog at mine too!

Just love this! I do have a question though, is there a link for the center block or are you just keeping us in suspense? I downloaded the first block and want to try hand needle turn applique with it.
Thanks again, it's truly lovely

okay so you are just "teasing" us by showing the center block, I will gladly wait :-)

How do I show a pic of the first block? I just finished it all by needle turn which I just learned a week ago, I love it, it's so portable, I'm very busy normally and this is nice to do that's not a fast paced quilt.
thrilled there's another block ready!

I've just found this beautiful bom, and have decided to stitch along, late as it may be. My question is have the seam allowances been added to the applique shapes? Thanks.

Hi Erin:
I never even knew that chocolate bunny ears even existed until I saw them on your blog. So of cocurse I googled "chocolate bunny ears". Long story short I ordered 12 pairs and have stashed them away to enjoy them throughout the year!!

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