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I love the clear pictures of the directions, I do have one question. When you are ironing the template into the shape and then starching it, do you then remove the template when you are turning it over and attaching it or is it staying or disolvable??? I need more clarity.

I remove the template

i should have read this 10 days ago when i made stems for a panel of posies. easier. i folded and sewed my bias 1 1/8 strip and sewed it reasonably close to the raw edge, then, having no press bar, slipped a crochet hook in the tube with the pointy end pointing out, slipped the end of the tube over the end of the hook, pressed it flat and slid the hook back into the tube with the iron as i pressed more. so i quickly had the 200 inches of stem needed, but it would have been easier with a flat bias press bar contolling where the fold was.

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