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I picked out my fabrics and getting ready to start. I also posted about it on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you
this is going to be fun

Hi Erin saw your block on TQS gallery - caught my eye and wow, what great news that you are doing a BOM! I am in! I am going on retreat this weekend, so fabric for this will be one of my purchases. All subscribed, I have seen lots of quilty websites and yours is really well done!

This is going to be fun

What a beautiful quilt. I will follow along.

The download link is working now!! Very good. (maybe it was my computer not doing something right). This is going to be a great bom.

I just found your blog this morning, it's lovely and full of useful information. Love the design for your BOMs, if I can get fabric organised I hope to join in.

I just found your beautiful bom and I cannot wait to start. I will be purchasing my fabric this weekend and jumping in. Thank you and I look forward to doing this.

je vous remercie beaucoup de vos explications
Je voulais savoir à quel moment vous retirez votre gabarit
merci de votre réponse

I really do need a new applique project....too many baby quilts lately. I'd love to join the BOM! Thanks for allowing us to follow along.

Beautiful pattern, how do we get the center pattern?? I would love to make this one too.

I just saw a link to this. Thank you so much for doing this - so beautiful! and so generous.

Thank yoy for sharing this wonderful BOM with me.
Regards Esther

Hello Erin ,
I just saw a link to your blog, thanks so much for your great appllique tutorial and BOM, so beautifula and great design.

What beautiful work! I want to participate. Thank you for the block 1.
Margot from Brasil

j'aime vraiment beaucoup ce futur patch "baltimore"..
Je voulais aussi savoir ou je pouvais trouver les patrons du patchwork bluebird'cake que vous avez sur votre blog.. merci de me le dire.
merci aussi pour le tutorial d'appliqué.. TRES utile!!!
Have a nice day, MIP

Merci beaucoup. J'utilise traducteur Google pour m'aider ici. J'ai l'intention d'avoir le modèle pour O'cake morceau Bluebird's up dans ma boutique Etsy dans les mois à venir. Just clck sur la visite de "ma boutique" sur la gauche. Je vais aussi poster sur le blog.
merci encore

This is a heavenly BOM quilt. Thnaks so much for sharing this!

Gerade habe ich den ersten Block in meinen Blog gestellt.
Es hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht ihn zu nähen.
Auch wenn ich nicht ganz so perfekt bin, wie sie.
Jetzt warte ich voller Ungeduld auf den nächsten Block. Es ist natürlich nicht so, das ich nichts zu tun hätte, nein, ich habe natürlich viele UFO´s hier.

Liebe Grüße Käte

Thank you so much, I love applique, and this quilt looks like it´ll be a heirloom. Will try to make it too. Again, Erin, thanks for sharing with us and congratulations for your great designs.

Hi ERin,

I'm doing the Happy dance now, can you see me?
Just downloaded the 1/4 pattern, worked great.
Will head down to the store to buy fabric.

Thanks again,


Hi Erin (again).
Guess my first post didn't get through. I think that I'n in love. Just stumbled upon your Florabunda and this BOM is so ME!!! Love the pattern, the colors, the layout, EVERYTHING!!! Will definetly be joining in.

THanks again,
greets from a finally snow free Holland!!

I love your BOM. A friend from Germany too, but she got a question. What do you use to make the red flower. I told her it looks like Freezerpaper, but she don't believe it. I would love to get Your answer by mail ( [email protected]) Thanks a lot for your help Hugs Gunda

Very nice thank you

Beautiful designs, my mother loves this type of quilt, I will send her your link, maybe you two can come out with some good ideas and designs.

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