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I might call it Vertigo. :-)

Ok I have a second comment... the more I look at it, the more it makes me think of looking onto a bottomless cave, or well. I think it is really terrific! What an amazing job you did.

Beautiful quilts. An amazing piecing job.

It looks like a spikey black hole to me, except the hole is pink. So, "Spikey Pink Hole" would be my suggestion.

It's a great quilt, whatever you call it.

it makes me think of a Gerber Daisy - WOW

for me the blue quilt seems to move in and out. I do understand your doctor's comment although I wouldn't think something that really doesn't move would do it.

My first impression was that it was a beautiful Mayan Hieroglypic. Perhaps it was the colors and feeling that gave me that impression or that I see a pyramid in the structure. It is beautiful and would be striking hanging on an entry way.

I like your quilt. In my UFO basket is my rhapsody quilt.

Love your quilts! Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for a different name for the blue quilt.

Beautiful and what about "Dream Again"

I follow PATS Patter and she directed me to your absolutely gorgeoud BOM..I am just so excited about it!! thanks so much for this generous pattern so far it is absolutely gorgeous!!

I checked out my UFO situation - it is really scary - my time would be better spent working on them rather than counting them

In my UFO pile are 2 quilts for 2 grandaughters ready to be quilted, 1 quilt for grandson that needs a border and then quilted, a Lone Star that the diamonds are done and just need to be put together, an applique kit quilt that only needs a little bit more applique and then quilted, a blue & gold quilt I am designing on EQ and then there are more. I am finishing some things though..One more side of heming a bind on one quilt and it will be done...binding needs to be done a my DWT. and yes, I am planning on doing the BOM here as I absolutely love the design. thanks

Beautiful....Big Bang perhaps?

In my UFO pile are the 2008 and 2009 BOM's from The Quilt Show which I am currently trying to finish. I also have 2 quilt tops finished waiting to be quilted.

What is not in my UFO basket!!!?
1 queensizes quilt ready for FMQ, 1 kingsized quilt ready for FMQ, !Rhapsody quilt (needs binding), 1 bayquilt needs FMQ, 2 table toppers needs FMQ, 40 Grandmas flowergarden blocks that wants to be a quilt, 32 log cabin blocks that wants to be babyquilts....and that is just from the top of my head. Dont need to start any new projects in 2010:))

How could I get the Sri Yantra pattern?
thanks, dianna

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