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It was all my neighbor's fault. She kept telling me for years she wanted to learn how to quilt. Well, it wore me down enough I told her the time had come. We signed up for a beginners class. Then we both had to have new machines, with cabinets..... That was 2+ years ago and we have not stopped. Bobbi, whitewitchcrafts.

Mom and Grandma always seemed to have a needle in their hands either making quilts or clothes -- it just seemed natural that I would do the same.

I actually made my first quilt in high school as a home ec project in 1966. I made a baby quilt for my son in 1973 and over the years I made dolls and wearable art. In 1990 I inherited dresden plate blocks from my mother and decided I needed to put it together. I was hooked then.

I have no quilting family background. Not a single soul nor even a referance can I find to such. Maybe I will disown them all!:)
I began quilting as a means of something to pass away the time after retirement. I had a busy career in nursing & then became a full time caregiver to a disabled DH. The transition was not easy to go from 100 mph to a crawl, so to speak.
Self taught, do all the various techniques but applique is my favorite. I prefer hand piecing & am always, a hand quilter.

I took a traditional quilting class back in 1985, so I have been quilting on and off for almost 25 years. What revolutionized my quilting was when I learned Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day method. I've loved every step of the way. Congrats on your 100th post! And thanks for a sweet giveaway.

For me sewing started when I was around five years old and my Barbie doll got my first quilt. It had a top, back and batting but the egdes were left raw. It was held together with buttons and yarn and I loved it! My children each had simple baby quilts but I've stepped it up a bit for each grandchild. It was in the mid 90's when my checkbook started to show the signs of being 'a real quilter' as my stash and library became established into their own closet. I've been away for a few years but have come back with a vengence.

I started quilting, beacause I loved the patchwork quilts my grandmothers made. I made a polyester patchwork quilt when I was in college and never stopped. It was great when I was living on a ranch with small children and wanted to be creative and have something useful too. Now I have grandchildren, and like to make them quilts. I'll never stop.


I took a community ed class in 1980. I couldn't sleep that night because every time I closed my eyes all I could see was quilts. I have quilted almost every day since then.
You have a great blog site. Your instructions and tutorials are excellent. Keep up the good work.

I've always collected fun fabrics, but never sewed. A couple of years ago I decided to make a small quilt and I haven't looked back!

Hello, I love seeing their work and want to be a faithful follower. I patch as a hobby. I have some work done. I love to do hand appliqué. I still can not make your technique using glue, tried and failed, the glue that I found was not good. I'll keep trying, because I seem to facilitate the work.
Congrats on your 100th post♥

The cover quilts on QNM! Always looked at them and finally bought a magazine. Then I started watching Simply Quilts. And so it began....

I got started through 4-H, and my mother teaching me how to quilt. She tied most of her quilts, but I hand quilt mine, when I have the time to. We used dress scraps, apron pieces, sheets, and leftovers from feedsacks for our quilts. I have 4 of her quilts, and one of my grandmothers...a treasure indeed. Thank you for your generosity.

Before I was a quilter I was a rug hooker. Our group met in a quilt shop. I would try to put blinders on when I went to meetings because I just didn't need another hobby. After a few months I gave up and joined a block of the month club..the rest is history.

We bought an embroidery machine. While I was at the shop looking for supplies (which I didn't know anything about when we bought the machine), they had a log cabin quilt class about to start made from bright kids colors. I thought it looked like fun, there was room for one more in the class, so I took it. That was it - I'm hooked. If I had taken a quilting class first, probably never would have bought the embroidery machine. But now I can combine the two so it's worked out great. Congratulations on your 100th post and more success to come. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks.

In a quilting guild 14 years ago, hand piecing, then 2 years later applique in old fashion...then alone with quilting books and web. I love to try everything new !
Thanks for the giveaway, hugs from France.

Here's my story - when my daughter was a baby she always took an afternoon nap and I would take a break by watching a little TV. We didn't have cable so the choices were soap operas, Spanish TV or a quilting show on PBS (Quilt in a Day). After watching for a few weeks, I thought I'd give it a try and I got hooked!

Hi, For your 100(102) posting Give Away
My DH an I were in Jeddah, SA, and you need to find a hobby when spending any time there, so I joined the sewing group on the compound we were living on and some of the ladies did quilting and decided to share their knowledge and I was lucky enough to join in. that was 5 years ago. I have gone from making pillow cases to queen quilts of all types.
A never ending learning experience and a pleasure to create and to give from the heart
Thank you

I've often thought about how I got started quilting and I can't honestly tell you exactly because no one I knew family-wise or friend-wise ever quilted.

I did however know a neighbor when I was very young who while bedridden made an entire Grandmother's flower garden quilt, and that beautiful quilt really stuck with me. Then while living in California well before cutting mats and rulers, I ended up in a quilt shop and caught the bug. It's been love ever since.

I've been sewing since age eight; but didn't make my first quilt until I was married and needed a "blanket for the bed" in 1980. I've had a few stops and starts in between; but I've loved creating and learning new techniques all along the way.

102 awesome posts! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am almost finished with my applique block. I sewed all my own clothes as a young lady and ended up with a pile of scraps. I decided to turn them into a quilt of memories and cut them all up into squares. I still have that quilt and have made many more since then.

I was suffering from empty-nest syndrome when a co-worker showed me the quilt she had been working on. I took a beginners class at the local quilt shop and have never looked back.

What a great give away! How I started quilting: in a craftsmagazine in 1986 or ´87 I saw a lesson of a friendshipstar. I made it, without any knowledge of quilting at all. Now I still keep it for it is great to see how clumsy made that first little quilt is! After that I visited exhibitions and bought books and magazines to learn piecing and quilting in a proper way! Many quilts made since then.

It began with a book, Glorious Color by Kaffe. I admired this over many years and then one day I decided that I wanted to start this adventure. There was a quiltshop close by my home, I went there to enquire about the next class and ...... wow, 3 days later I did my first stitches. That one book was the beginning of a long love story and today there's not one day without patchwork.

Good morning

It all started with my Aunt sending scraps from dressmaking for me to make doll clothes. My Mother taught me how to make English paper hexagons. Ah my first taste of patchwork. Addicted since the age of 8! Addicted for 52 years! Too sad

Congratulations on over 100 posts. Love your BLOG

From Taupo New Zealand

SummerSadie, my daughter said, "come on, Mom, you start with one block at a time." After one block, I was hooked! Now I can't stop. That was 1 year and 6 quilts ago. Thanks, kid.

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