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I needed bigger warmer blankets when I was first married and sewed large pieces of fabric together, layered with polyester batting and a sheet, then tied with yarn. From there I learned there were better and more beautiful ways to make "quilts" and now I am obsessed!
Happy 100th post and I love your work.

Back in the 1980's before there were many quilt shops, etc. available, I took a night class with a co-worker on a 4 block sampler. It was very "matchy matchy" colorwise, but had the basic construction methods I needed to know. The entire quilt was hand stitched and took me quite a while to finish...but finish I did. I even took the scraps and made a matching pillow. I was very proud of it and still have it stored away. Of course, the industry grew and because I lived in Houston and went to the International Quilt Festival every year I got exposure to some great inspiration and I was hooked FOREVER!!

I was home alone one Sunday afternoon feeling quite out of sorts. I turned on the TV trying to distract myself and a new series was staring on PBS - Quilts, Quilts, Quilts with Diane McClun and Laura Nownes. They said we would learn to make a quilt in 13 weeks. I worked along with the show until it got to that last episode (sew the top together, quilt and bind - HA!) The blocks are still in the unfinished pile, but I've made many, many quilts since then.

I went to a quilt show!!! Loved the quilts. I thought I would ask questions and was invited to "sit in" at a play day. The rest is history......

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