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I started quilting so I could participate in the community quilt project in the small town where I lived. It was an annual fundraiser for the volunteer fire department.

The person organizing the quilt my first year was also a quilting teacher who taught classes for the blocks needed for the quilt and convinced me I could do it.

I started quilting by admiring a friends work and started taking quilting classes at th local church in the afternoon one day a week. Now after 26 years later I am addicted.

Congratulations on your 100th posting. This is a beautiful pattern! I started quilting by making a rail fence quilt out of sewing scraps.

I just decided to quilt. HA HA, at least I could have bought a pattern for the first, but I was 24 having my first baby and well I had not thought it would not turn out great. Actually it did, even using the puffy polyester batting and who knows what the fabrics were. It hung over the crib and everyone thought it was darling. I have sewn since I was 7 so no one ever gave me rules to follow...but I do follow them now and my quilting came a long way since. Thanks for your sight!!! Kathy Benari

I start to quilt 15 years ago. I saw som quilts in a magazine and it was love at first side. I love your blog and patters.

By by Hennie Schutter from the Netherlands.

A month after we married my Husband and I visited his Granny for a week. I had never seena quilt before that and I was speechless. I had never seen such beautiful quilts. She taught me as much as she could in the short time we had and I have been in love ever since. She loved applique and showed me just the basics. I learned from books and phone calls back to her and also learned to love applique. I have not done any in a while but finding your blog has caused me to want to try it again. Thank you!

I started quilting because of my Grandmother's love of it. She bought me books and told me stories of all the quilts she had made and donated to her church. I really wish she was around now to show me some of the techniques she used, I'm sure she had lots of tips and tricks!

My mom was a quilter. When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first baby I embroidered blocks and made them into a quilt. That was my first. I love fabric and trying new techniques. Right now needle turn applique is my new technique. Thanks for your tutorials.

I have had a needle in my hands for as long as I remember. I bought my first quilting fabrics to decorate my diary's for school in the '90s. In 1994 I got a Dutch Ariadne in hands, lived very near a quilt shop, for my graduation got some money from my parents, bought my first fabrics and started a double size quilt by hand!

My grandmother always had a quilt going. She taught me to embroidery and helped me start a quilt when I was in my early teens. That was before rotary cutting! But I really got started in the mid nineties when a group of friends got together and the ones who knew how taught the rest of us. I am a true addict now.

My friend wanted to have a buddy to go to a BOM at a local quilt shop. She said all you have to do is sew in a straight line & cut out a few shapes, just one block a month and in a year you would have a "whole" quilt!! She quit after 3 months...I was hooked...I made three of the same blocks every month I just could stop, they were so addicting just like potato chips!!! Still going strong after 14 years, but now I have my own studio & longarm...I never have to pick up my projects in progress..I love my hobby!
PS: I love the name of your new pattern(LOL)

I made my first quilt with the help of my grandmother when I was a pre-school age child. I took my first quilt class in 2005 and have been hooked ever since.

First of all, Congrats on your 100th post! I got started quilting because of Amish Quilts. I live in Indiana Amish country and just couldn't see paying all those $$ for a quilt I could do myself. That was over 20 years ago!

I learned all kinds of handwork at my Gram's knee, except quilting. In my 30's I made a couple of baby quilt tops. Then 10 years later tried it again. That time it stuck and I now consider myself a quilter!

My grandmother taught me when I was pregnant with my first child. Started a baby quilt but never finished it! Through the years that quilt has disappeared and not become a UFO.

I made a calico trip around the world tied quilt with sort of general instructions from a friend in 1980. I completed the project and was proud that I'd done it, but didn't consider making another one. Ten years later I stepped into a new quilt shop (I'd never even heard of one) with an out of town co-worker who was looking for a folksy memento of his visit to NC and I was completely stunned at the color and variety of fabric. I signed up for two classes that day and never looked back. BTW - he didn't buy anything :)

I started as a young girl doing embroidery, maybe 10ish. From there I evolved to cross-stitch, then making baby blankets to quilts.

I am so excited to follow your tutorial on the feathered star. I've been wanting to make one of these, but am so intimidated by all the pieces.

Hmmm, I am really trying to remember how the heck I got the idea? About 11 years ago, we got our tax refund and I went to the LQS and bought $250 worth of flannel. Enough to make 2 quilts, one for me and one for my sister.

Hi! I have stumbled onto your blog via the Quilting Bloggers website and am absolutely smitten with your appliqué techniques.

I got started quilting when my second child was just a baby. I decided to become a stay at home mom when she was born. I would watch the local PBS station during early morning feedings, and there were a few quilt shows that played. I was naturally drawn to the quilts, because I have a touch of OCD and have a quirk regarding spatial relations. I also love math and have a thing for blankets. Even though I had never stitched a thing in my life, I thought for sure I could sew small squares together! Decided to get a sewing machine and took a class at my local quilt shop. I have loved it ever since.

How I got started? I had this friend who said I would love quilting and a 24 block sampler would be a good way to start!!!!! Thanks Erin! You're the best!

I started quilting when I took a hand quilting class with a friend. I then decided to make a baby quilt for my sister in law's baby and used polyester fabric. The batting keep poking out of the fabric. I now quilt by machine and rarely do any hand sewing. That has been 23 years now.

I grew up sewing little blocks together by hand making little doll quilts and didn't take any classes until marriage. Then I took and loved a log cabin quilting class and made two quilts for Christmas that year. I loved quilting but stayed away from it during all the raising children years. I've recently gotten back into quilting and in a BIG way!

I started quilting when a friend offered to do a beginners class at the local library. We later became a guild!

I happened to see a Thimbleberries wall hanging and fell in love with it. I didn't realize it was a "Club" pattern, so I searched for a quilt shop that sponsored the Club and they were just starting a new session. The nearest was 40 minutes away, but I really needed some help and guidance so the Club was a perfect way to get both. I was instantly hooked...

Grazie. Sei sempre molto utile!!!!!!!

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