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when I turn 50 (7 years ago wow) my daughter thought it would be funny (wait until it is her turn) to put all 50 candles on the cake she made - well she couldn't fit them all on one cake so she put the ones she couldn't fit in a plant pot with soil in it for the remainder. Then she couldn't get them all lite and I wasn't going to help her. Some were melted before she could light them all - she finally gave up - it was funny watching her trying to light all those candles. I thought the smoke alarm was going to go off!
I wouldn't mind winning a give away.

Happy Birthday! My birthday is just after Christmas so birthdays were usually pretty quiet. On my 13th my dad gave me a teddy bear - he told me you are never too old for a teddy bear. As an adult, my husband gave me a vegetable peeler (a really, really good one) and his aunt practically hit him with her purse when she found out... but I still have it and it is as sharp as ever...

My mom always made the best birthdays for us as children--my favorite was a huge treasure hunt that took us all over our part of town (very small town, mind you). It probably doesn't sound like much, but the memory is very vivid.

I guess as we get older our ideas change, and that is why you are offering US a present instead. Thanks!

Happy birthday to you! The summer I turned 21 I was attending college. I didn't want anyone to make a big deal about my birthday, but several friends blindfolded and "kidnapped" me and took me to a fun restaurant in our college town. I knew who I was with, so I wasn't afraid. But they wouldn't take the blindfold off until we were well into the restaurant and all of the other patrons saw what was going on. PS: I follow you via Google Reader.

Happy Birthday! When I turned the big 5-0 I really did not want any kind of party. My son had orchestra practice that night, so we went as usual. BUT when I came home my BFF had arranged to have all of my friends there to help celebrate my turning of age :-) What a huge surprise that was. They all parked at the neighbors yard, so I would not suspect anything. Anyway, it was fun, and I saw friends that I had not seen in quite a while. Enjoy your day, and thanks for entering me in your sweet giveaway.

My birthday is just after Christmas so it kind of gets lost in the hub-bub of the holidays. But one year one I turned 7 my parents gave me a birthday party and invited the neighbor kids. We lived in a small neighborhood and there was not one girl on our street. So all the kids at my party were boys! They didn't really get into the doll house I recieved as a gift that year!

My favorite birthday memory is of planning my party and then everything going wrong and my friends and I sitting around laughing about what went wrong and then the power went out. We sat in the dark laughing.

Hmmmm, funny birthdays? Funniest thing is that they keep coming whether I ignore them or not. My birthday is in August and as a kid I always thought it was cool that I was just the "right" age for the grade I was in...no waiting for the birthday to come so I'd be old enough and no turning older while in the same grade...I suppose that is kinda funny when you think about it.

Happy Birthday! Darling baby picture! I don't really have a funny birthday story. My birthday is two days before Christmas. My parents always tried to make it special. One of my most memorable was when I turned 13 and my Mom set up a treasure hunt for me. I had riddles I had to solve to get to the next clue. I don't remember what my present was, but I remember the hunt as I loved it so!

Happy birthday! Love the surprised baby face! My birthday is June 1, so my parents always had Memorial Day off to spend with me or go pick out a fun present. I still get a blue crab party every birthday. My husband carries on the tradition for me.

Wonderful! Happy Birthday!!!

My birthday is in October. So since I can remember my mom always made me a Halloween themed party and cake. It has stuck all these 36 years and it never gets old. The kids love it and it's like having Halloween party early. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone you might say.

Enjoy your Day :o)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und ich wünsche dir, viel Gesundheit und das du dein Hobby noch lange ausüben kannst.
Ich bin jetzt 54 und mit dem Alter habe ich gar kein Problem.
Ich habe 2 mal im Jahr Geburtstag. Einmal am 17. Aug. ich bin Löwe und einmal am 3 April, da werde ich dann 12.:)
!998 habe ich ein Spenderherz bekommen und genieße seit dem das Leben noch mehr und mein Hobby hilft mir sehr dabei.
Also, bleibe schön Gesund und genieße das Leben.
Liebe Grüße Käte

On my birthday, my mom would always make me whatever I wanted for dinner. I always chose roast beef, baked potatoes, and green beans with bacon. It's still my favorite meal! PS - Happy Birthday! Love, Amy

my birthday is on January 23rd. i tell all my friends, "if you forget my birthday, you need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to count" (1-2-3)....well in college i was dating a guy who one day started acting 'funny' really out of character. i found out why later- he had arranged a surprise birthday party for me. boy it was quite the surprise because it was December 3rd. i still giggle on December 3rd.

happy birthday to you! thanks for having the giveaway!

Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a super day. The funniest thing about my birthdays is that I can never remember which one it is. I always get it wrong and my family has to straighten me out. They just come around too fast.

Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday memory was at the only suprise party I've ever had. My friend got me a bottle of Grey Goose and wrapped it in atleast 20 layers of duck tape and paper towels! He even decorated every layer of duck tape by drawing or writing different things. It took me about half an hour to open it but it was so much fun!

Happy Wonderful Birthday!!!
When I turned 21 my mom decorated my cake with a 12oz bottle of beer & with pink elephants made out of frosting laying all over the bottle and cake! Weirdest part of all...my mom didn't drink and neither did I...my mom, I never could figure what she would do next! LOL!!

Happy Birthday Erin! I can't really remember anything exceptionally funny about any of my birthdays but I'm sure my hubby will have something that I will regret when the big '50' arrives.

Happy Happy Birthday! I'm just a few months behind you and life is going great! With a birthday on Halloween it's hard not to have a few good memories - not sure about the funny parts though - the old bobbing for apples was a huge hit when I was a bit younger - obviously more fun for those watching though! Have a great day. - Marlene

Happy Birthday~!!! I've been following your blog for a while now, I love your colors & applique that you work! I can't really think of anything too funny... One that I remember, I was 11 or so, I think. My birthday is in early October, we ended up having a freak snow storm. So all us kids (my friends & I) were out trying to play on the swing set in a foot of snow as it was still falling. It was a blast, but we made such a mess when we came in. Hope you have a great day!

happy birthday to you first

ok, now to my funniest birthday
when I turned 20 I had a big birthday party in a cabin in the woods
at the end everyone was sleeping outside as we had great weather (I'm born in june) the next morning, still half asleep I heard some strange music and wondered who had choosen that to awake me and when I opened my eyes there was a policeman standing just in front of me, I was a little chocked because I didn't know what happened
then he told me that, as still everyone was sleeping, he thought a nice good morning song would be perfect to awake us
nothing bad happened, he just wanted to know if anyone of the party had seen the accident that happened the night before on the road beside the cabin
so you can see, even sometimes the police can be very understanding

One day, when I was in my early twenties, my parents called. They were both on the line, each on a different phone, and asked me to meet them for lunch. I couldn't imagine what was going on that had caused them both to call. I figured one of them had cancer or they were getting a divorce or some horrible event was taking place. When I met them, and worriedly asked why we were meeting, they gave me the strangest look and replied, "It's your BIRTHDAY." I had totally forgotten. (I am REALLY bad with dates.)

I don't "have" birthdays but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! LOL

My birthday is July the 4th, which is the best!!!! The summer I turned 16, our church had a couple of college girls working as summer missionaries. I was babysitting and when I got home, my mother said, "Grab the mop and run over to Nina and Betty's(the college girls)." I grabbed a mop and ran as fast as I could. When I got there, their backyard had a decorated table and birthday cake and they started singing "Happy Birthday". I interrupted them and said, "Here's the mop. Where do you need it?" It took them several minutes to convince me that the mop was only a ploy to get me to my surprise birthday party. They had gotten me art supplies on top of the party--it was the best surprise!!!!

Happy Birthday. My birthday was a week ago and I went to my local quilt shop as well because I could get half my age as a discount--sometimes age is a good thing. Have a wonderful year.

I don't have any funny memories of birthdays but I still remember the year my husband forgot it was my birthday--he had his days mixed up because of a holiday Monday--and he couldn't figure out why I was a bit stand-offish to him when he left for work. We laugh about it now!

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