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My birthday occasionally falls on Labour Day, as it did the first birthday I was aware of things. I was probably 3 or 4 and I thought it was just fabulous that everyone took the day off and threw a parade and fireworks in honour of MY BIRTHDAY! Fast forward to my older sister's next birthday: something happened to upset her and she was crying. To comfort her, I reminded her that her birthday wasn't over yet and there would be fireworks later on, just for her :)

Happy Birthday Erin! No great stories - just wanted to wish you the best. Debbie!

My funniest birthday, or really my most fun birthday, was when I turned 50. I was born on Thanksgiving and turned 50 on Thanksgiving that year. My alma mater, University of Illinois, was playing Northwestern Illinois on Thanksgiving that year. We all went to the game, tailgated on turkey sandwiches, and spent a cold day watching Illinois win the game. There were 12 of us. It was a great day that I will always remember.

Happy Birthday. From my vantage point, you are still quite young.

My funniest memory is my 6th birthday. I was having a party and insisted on having blue icing on my cake. Well, when the other children got there they refused to eat the cake because of the icing and thus I wouldn't eat it either. My mother is still mad at me for that. ;-)

Every year I ask for kitchen items and my husband gets them for me but my mother in law its so angry with him. Now it is just a running joke.

Happy Birthday!!! My funniest birthday was my 50th. My sister threw me an over the hill party. The icing on the cake was dark purple so everyone had purple teeth. LOl.

I have had birthdays that I will always remember and ones I rather forget, but cannot remember ever having a funny one.

A very Happy Birthday, to you!


Happy Happy Birthday!
My funniest birthday memory was when I was the awkward age of thirteen and my brother got married. Since we wore uniforms to school, I didn't have a wardrobe. Well, things were pulled together from my three older sister's closets and I looked hideous! It's funny now, but wasn't at the time!

A very happy birthday!! I can't think of a funny story, but I do have a fun story. It was for my 50th birthday. My hubby (now my ex) organized a surprise party for me. It was at my daughter's farm about 40 miles away. We drove there with my parents and took a few side trips on the way. Didn't think we'd ever get there!! Finally, we arrived and everything seemed totally normal. When I walked into the house, ALL of my sisters (I have 4) were there with their hubbies and even some of my nieces and nephews. They had hidden all the vehicles behind the stacks of bales and in the out-buildings! Some of them had to drive for more than 3 hours to get there. It was the best birthday I'd ever had!

Happy Birthday!
When I was very young my momma made all of our clothes (four daughters) and she made me a special dress for my birthday with pockets all around. She was going to take me to get my picture made for the special day but as we were leaving the house the phone rang. While momma answered the phone I went outside and found a frog, then he needed some food(grass) and then a drink. Momma came out to find me in my beautiful dress, covered in dirt with the water hose sticking out of a pocket, soaking wet. She asked me what I was thinking and I told her I thought he was thirsty. I think that was when I got my birthday spanking. For some reason I no longer care much for frogs. I am sure it wasn't very funny then, but my momma laughs about it everytime she tells one of my kids, usually when I am really wandering why I had children.

Hi Erin, I met you at Tomorrow's Heirlooms and you gave me your card so I could look you up. Wow, I love your site and as I love applique also, I am so impressed with your tutorials on the method you like! It is especially helpful showing how you do your points. I am going to enjoy your site and as soon as I get my printer working :( I am going to download the block of the month. So very nice to meet you and hope to see you again in the shop.

I don't have a single funny memory to share - being just before Christmas my birthday was always largely forgotten, glossed over or absorbed.
Then my husband died on my 46th birthday, so ... no ... no happy memories.
But hey. I hope your's is/was totally awesome.

Happy birthday. What a generous gesture. As a 7 year old I made friends with a new girl at school. I invited her to my birthday party and they arrived one week early. We were getting ready to go out when the door bell rang and there she and her mother stood with a huge box wrapped in lovely birthday paper. They had walked at least 3 kms. I can't remember what was in the gift and I can't remember if she came to the party the following week but she is still my dear friend 44 years later.

Happy birthday Erin and many more to come! I'm ashamed to say but I always forget birthdays, not from my daughter and doggie but always from husband and myself. Luckily he forgets my birthday and his own too. Since we have our daughter (she's 15 now) we are reminded on forehand that our birthday is coming up. But it still happens that at the end of the morning we realise someone of us has his/her birthday. We don't mind, every day together is a good day! Big hug from the Netherlands, Anita.

Happy Day After Your Birthday! Hope it was wonderful!

My most memorable birthday was when I turned 50. We had a picnic in the park; my adult kids wrote 50 reasons they loved me on big poster board; they also wrote a song and performed it for me; and lastly, I received a toy red pickup truck for one of my presents! It was a toy one because I had been asking for a real pickup truck (a red one!) for my 50th b'day. My husband wasn't going to buy a real one, but he did research and see if he could rent a "truck-for-a-day" and have it parked in our driveway. Then he started thinking..."suppose she thinks it's really hers and it's only here for one day??!" He thought that could cause more problems! So he went with a toy one instead! i keep that little red pickup on my bedroom bookcase as a reminder that one day I just might get a real one!

Happy Birthday to you....

When I turn 8, my parents let me have my first real party. I invited all of my friends and just couldn't wait. The food was ready and my friends arrived. I was SO NERVOUS as I never had a party before. My mum brought out my cake..... and yes I threw up all over it... YUCK!! I was so looking forward to eating it too. It was a chocolate!!

Sandy N

My 50 birthday was fun. 4 years ago. Picture's of me hanging in the trees in the city and a 3 meters high Sara doll in the garden (this is a tradition in my country) For a man it is a Abraham.

By by Hennie Schutter from the netherlands.

My birthday is in February, the height of flu season. When my daughter was three, she woke up on my birthday with a fever and I spent the morning at the pediatrician's. Late afternoon, my son,who was one, awoke from his nap sick too, so I spent the evening at the pediatrician's office. Their doctor looked at me and said, "You have any more kids at home?" I will never know why I didn't tell him that it was my birthday. I think it is so funny now.

Happy Birthday to you - we share the same special day! (but I've had a few more than you :>) Years ago, late Feb in IN always meant basketball tournament time and two days of no school - basketball is *serious stuff* in Indiana! Whether it was no school due to basketball or a snow storm, I always thought it was special to have my day off! Things have changed now and schools remain in session during tourney time. Oh.....BTW, I'm an appliquer too! Hope you had a wonderful day - I did!!

Happy Birthday!

I woke up with chicken pox on my 5th birthday, so my party had to be cancelled.

I LOVE chocolate cake more than almost anything!!

A little late, I wish you a Happy Birthday, may God's blessings cover.
My birthday is next, March 14.

Happy Birthday from one fish to another! This year is supposed to be a big (as in terrific) year for us, so I hope your year is great.

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