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I have never heard of parking for "alternative fuel vehicles". It is funny that the space is empty and surrounded by SUV's.

that's funny - we saw spots like that when we were in Estes Park last year or in that general area - I couldn't tell in the photo - is that for electric cars so you can plug in to charge up?

Funny. photos like this are great! Love your new block, both colorways are terrific.


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Greeting Guilitta from germany

I'll take that spot - where is it?!

We live in an area that is mostly retired/senior citizens. We have a spot like that in front of the mall for "expectant mothers" which is always empty. I have been tempted to park there (I'm not thin) and dare anyone to ask me if I am fat or pregnant. :)

It's like "Mother-to-be Parking" in Sun City, Arizona where the average age is 70 years old. Janee, Scottsdale AZ

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