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Oh, as beautiful, pleases me again very well. Make me happy already, if I can applizieren it.

Wow, I can hardly wait.....!!!!

(And I haven't even made the first one yet..but I will!). It is a VERY promising preview!

Lucky Digna

Just beautiful! Can't wait! Thank you so much for sharing these blocks.

I found the perfect background for this quilt over the weekend. It's a chocolate tone on tone polka dot. I can't wait to start! Thank you for the beautiful blocks!!!

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I will be making these!

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to putting this whole series together!

OOOOOOOwwwww! It looks beautiful. Can't wait.

Wauuuuuuuu ... will be beautiful ...

Can't wait.... but tomorrow is only 11 hours away... so I have to wait longer.

Sandy N (Aussie)

I was wondering where you get the batting that you are using in the circles and also for some reason when I press my leaves or anything else, they are not holding the shape, I am not using enough starch?
Thanks for you help.

Probably not enough starch. You have to experiment with the starch water mix sometimes. I use 1 part starch to 5 parts water ( 1/4 cup starch to 1 1/4cups water) I know some people use Magic Sizing (light body) which is in a can at the grocery store. To use this just spray some into the top and use the same way as the starch.
I hope that helps

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