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Too funny!

how funny! I had not noticed that "parenting" on mine when I got them. I ordered one last month and love it! I intend mainly to use it when we are in the motor home as the lighting is not great in there for sewing when we are at parks with no electric hook ups as we do not have a lot of lights turned on at the same time then. I just might start using it in the house too! Will be great for if we loose electricity for long stretches of time and could be handy for sewing or reading.

I have got to get me one of these so I can continue to applique at night.

That is funny--and a good tip. So far I can sew with the light I have UNLESS it is black binding on a black quilt at night--wow, that hardly even works during the day.

I have not seen anything like your light. I think it would work well. Does it weigh much?

Oh, my. I think I might have snorted a little coffee out my nose. It might actually be a GREAT parenting tool... as a warning device!

That was funny!!! But failing eyes??? Not, I like to think that they just don't make light bulbs like they use to;-)

Blessings, Jilly

You made me laugh and I thank you. I'll be laughing all day.

Great light. Love the last picture!!!! You made me laugh out loud.

You gave me my laugh for the day! I could have used that light a time or two in the past.

hahahah. I'll have to look up this gadget as I love to applique and my eyes are going. I still think I can see without my glasses, but that ended when I went to cut the tag off a housewarming gift. It was wind chimes and I cut the string that holds the piece that is in the middle of the chimes! yikes!

You crack me up! Thanks for my laugh for the day!

Hi Erin, I had a good laugh, hilarious, if my daughter would see me like that, I think you could certainly hear her scream!! Have a good day, hugs from Anita.

I took a class last month with Ami Simms and she used hers all day. When I saw that it has a magnifier, I had to have one.

Now all I have to do is find the time to use it.

I can't stop laughing!
Thanks for that image!
Valentina from Cyprus

oh that was so funny, I can't stop laughing! It does look a handy little gadget though.

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