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I "read" a lot while I sew, also. It is a good time to get through classics or revisit favorites. If you haven't read Jane Eyre or something by Charles Dickens lately, it is time to visit them again.

David Copperfield is on my list...its one of my favorites

I am new to this blogging thing. Your blog is the first one i have ever signed up for. I finally figured out how to subscribe to get it when you post a new article! So I want to thank you for helping me get into the 21st century! I just love your blocks! aLL OF YOUR WORK!!! I am trying to finish a couple of other projects first before I start but is hard one of my girlfriends has already started and she is like the "applique queen" she can do it so fast! So between ohing and awhing over both of ya'lls its hard not to give up on the other projects and just start yours! Thanks for all you do! A new favorite Fan!!! Tammie

I can sew for days on end with a good, LONG, audiobook. Although, I have to say, I read Outlander recently and really disliked it. I did finish it bout will not read any others. The narrator was great though! One that I loved was New York by Edward Rutherfurd. I also love the Steig Larrson books - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc.

I don't know what I'd do without audio books. When I cook a feast I go to the library for a book to listen to before I go to the grocery store. While commuting to work, road trips, painting the room, canning, quilting...I can listen to books I know I'd never find time to read. I don't think we ever outgrow that comfort of being read to. I'm listening to Kate Moss's Sepulchre right now. A friend is loaning Barbara Kingsolver's Lacuna next.

I have to admit I love my iPod and my audio books. For Christmas my husband gave me a subscription to Audible.com so I am "reading" up a storm. The only time my books are turned off is when I have to concentrate on cutting or measuring.

Luuuvvvv Audible.com. Just finished Diana Gabaldon's newest 'Echo in the Bone' an awesome (nearly) 40 hours. Now I'm listening to the 'Sisters of the Quilt' series, up to the third now. I also listen in the car when I'm driving down to see Mum and Dad, it's a one hour drive and long enough to get involved. Love it.

Haven't done the audio books, but my IHome and Ipod are essential in my sewing room!

Diana Gabaldon ROCKS in the sewing room, and Davina Porter can read me the phone book anytime! Michele

Ive gotten ALOT of sewing done today

Lovely fabrics! My favorite quilt block is Dresden Plate. Thanks and I hope to get those beautiful fabrics to make more applique blocks.

Good evening! My favorite name for a block is Victoria's Star - my daughter's name. Being the only girl with three brothers and surviving makes her a star :) On Monday, she told us that she has decided it was time to get married at 27. Looks like I need to start making a quilt for next years celebration :) YIppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!1

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