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As a fairly new quilter I do not have a favorite block yet. I like all of them.

Because I introduce new people to quilting, I guess my favorite block would be Rail Fence. I love the way their eyes light up when they "get it". 9 out of 10 times they're hooked.

For pieced blocks I have always liked the log cabin and I believe have made 5 of them over the years.

Like lots of other quilters, I'm really partial to stars. I'd have to choose the Ohio Star as my favorite I guess. No paper piecing necessary, no special tools required. And it looks great in any color too.

My favorite is the Log Cabin, it can be changed in size in so many ways! I have seen a whole quilt done in very small narrow
log cabins and it was just so beautiful! Congratulations on your 150 blog! I admit it is the hightlight of my day to see what is going to be waiting for me! You make a lot of people happy! Please continue your passion with quilts and bring joy into the life of other quilters!

Stars, stars, stars! Ohio star, especially because its so easy and variations for the center - and even the points - are wonderful to do.
Love your blog!

Feathered Star, but have never made one yet but still think they look great. Bobbi

Probably sawtooth star. It was the first quilt block I ever made. One does not forget life-changing moments.

I read your blog daily and am working on my first applique project. Still rough, but getting better. Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway.

Like many readers, I love Ohio Star, easy & many variations but also Basket blocks.I always wanted to buy this line of fabrics so I will be very happy to win this wonderful giveaway !Hugs from France.

Thank you for your blog and your tutorials. this is a great way to learn from others . I like the old fashion quilt blocks, especially Grandmother's Fan.

I am a sucker for a churn dash. I just can't pass them up, but I love a nine patch also so I usually combine the two.
You have great tutorials, thanks.

Thank you for all your applique advice and congratulations on your 150th blog post. I so love the Storm at Sea block. Have not made one yet but have seen it in a miniature and one day I will try it.

My favorite quilt block is Sawtooth Star. I love your blog!

Hi Erin! What a generous prize!! Prairie Paisley ia such a great fabric line. My current favorite block is the Hidden Nine-Patch. It's easy to piece and very versatile. Also, I'm wanting to make a Drunkard's Path quilt (little scared of those curves) just because the name is so silly! Thanks for the tutorials too! I LOVE Florabunda and I'm trying to scramble up some fabric to make it . . . hmmmm . . . maybe some Prairie Paisley???

My most favourite is Pinwheel but I love Grandmother's Flower Garden too. Thanks for sharing.....

Hi, My favorit block have always been the nine patch.... don't know why... I just like nine patch quilt's. Thank you !

I've always been a sucker for basket blocks, but recently wonky house blocks have entertained me.

I love dresden plates and log cabins. I really enjoy your blog and tutorials. I want to make Florabunda, but have too many UFO's to start something new right now, but hopefully, later this year. Thanks!

Ooh what pretty fabric! My favortie block is the wonky star. I guess just because I like the sound....WONKY....just makes me relax, no fuss no stress no matching points....what's not to love? Can't wait for the next Floribunda block. Thanks so much for the terrific patterns!

Congratulations on your 150th post. My favorite block is a split LeMoyne Star. If it's inside a feathered star, so much the better, but the feathered star has to be based on a LeMoyne. I fell in love with feathered stars at the first quilt show I ever attended,long ago. Any star is good, but I just love the proportions of the Le Moyne.

I made one called 'Frolic' that I just loved. I got it from the McCall's website. That fat quarter stack sure looks amazing...that will be one lucky winner!

My favorite block is the nine-patch. I love the various ways you can put different fabric together with it. I enjoy your blog. You have inspired me to try applique. I was always afraid to try, but you make it look easy and fun. Thanks!

Congrats on 150 posts!! that's fantastic. As for a favorite block.... humm well that's a big hard. I tend to have an eye for kaleidoscope blocks. They just fascinate me. However a block done in applique is actually my favorite.

Right now I am working on two quilts with my current favorite blocks: hidden nine patch and drunkard's path. Love your website and your quilt patterns. A friend and I are going to do your applique blocks for a block of the month quilt. Thank you for all of your tutorials.

My favorite quilt block is Miss Amy :)...

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