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My favorite block is LeMoyne Star. It was the very first block I learned and yet it is still challenging. Congrats on your 150th post!

Ooh beautiful stack of fabric!!! Would love to win it.

My favorite blocks right now are stars...all of them...but I think right now Solomon's Star is at the top of my list.


Can we only choose one????? Okay...I guess I would choose the Grandmother's Flower Garden as that was the first quilt block I "met" and it sent me off to a life of fabric loving.

Thanks for the tutorial.

My favorite block is a basket block. Thanks for entering me in your fabulous giveaway. I love Prairie Paisley fabric!

My favourite quilt block is churndash. I also love star blocks.

My favorite block name is "Grandmother's Choice".

My favorite quilt block is a star pattern called "starlight."

My Lieblingsblog is the Sun Ray and Storm at Sea. In addition Baltimore blocks.

Favorite quilt block or favorite quilt block name? It seems like everyone is going for block but didn't the post say name? I'm so confused but then I've been feverish for the past four days and the brain isn't working so well. So, I give you both: my favorite block is the sawtooth star and my favorite block name is whirligig because it's so darn fun to say.

Hi Erin
congratulations on post 150!!! Since I'm an appliqué fiend my favorite quilt block name is paper cut - like those used to make Hawaiian quilts!!!

Thank you for being so generous with all your tips & techniques- and time! I'm learning so much and having a grat time!

Best stitches!
Mercy in Miami

My favorite is the log cabin...simple but true. It is a wonderful way for me to use up all those colorful scraps of fabric that I manage to accumulate.

What a generous giveaway. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. My go-to traditional block is Square and Points (AKA Sawtooth star). It's easy to make in any size and is a great filler block or border. The plain square in the center makes it great to show off a pretty fabric, too.

Call me old fashioned - the Churn Dash block is one that soothes me. It's just - well . . . comforting.
I am enjoying your Feathered Star adventure and will no doubt add a SawTooth border to one of my UFOs simply because you are making look so easy, so far.
Now, for a Fat Qtr Bundle this is a bundle to end all bundles.
It is HUGE ! ! !
I am impressed with the distribution of light, medium and dark values.
You perk my interests.

Congrats on making 150!
My favorite block name is pickle dish. I like the way that rolls of the tongue. lol

Congrats on your 150th post! My favorite quilt block would be anything with a pinwheel in it! I just can't get enough pinwheels, I am currently working on three pinwheel quilts!

I only do applique work and I am not very familiar with different quilt blocks but I have to admit that I was very tempted to start my own pieced quilt after I read Jennifer Chiaverini books especially the one about quilt blocks being used to direct the runaway slaves to Cananda. The Bow Tie pattern meant that once the shoofly (another block) meets you there they would give you new clothes. Salves generally had ragged clothing and they needed better clothes to blend in Cincinnati or they will turned over to the authorities. However, visually, I think my favorite would be the Evening star pattern which was a message to travel at night and to follow the north star.

My favorite has to be the Tumblers block. Congrats on the 150th post :)

Congratulations on your 150st post! What a nice bundle of fabrics, I love it!
The block I love most is a hexagon!
Thx for sharing the tip for the border!

Hola feliz post 150, gracias por su regalo, como me gustaria ganarlo!!!! tantas cosas haría!!!
Mi bloques preferidos son los tradicionales, y el que mas me gusta tormenta en el mar y calidoscopio podria ser otro, en realidad me cuesta elegir uno.Son tan bellos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a gorgeous stack of fabric! Me! Me!
My favorite block is... hmmmm... Ocean Waves. Congrats on making it to 150.

I think my favorite might be Churn Dash but I do love the ever versatile Log Cabin too.

Happy 150 Blogaversary!


Jacobs ladder has really been appealing to me lately I have seen more and more scrappy quilts with this pattern and I am itching to make it.. those fq would really make it possible!! (hint...LOL)Next ultimate is the English Ivy I have used this block on a quilt 2 times for boarders I love the end result.
thanks for chatting so much so that you can have this wonderful giveaway!!

My favorite block has changed over the last few years and it is now the simple flying geese block. I made a fall batik scrap quilt with different size flying geese and it is one of my favorites. Nice tutorials, Thanks

Dresden Plate is my long time favorite block.
Thanks !

Hi, congratulations on 150 posts and thank you for the generous giveaway! I've been following your blog for a couple of months and really enjoy your work.
My favourite name for a block is Drunkard's path. It's a very visual name and I see the drunk guy swinging his legs in wide circles as he walks.
Hope to win that gorgeous fabric pack!

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