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Aaaaaaaaa....I want one!

Congratulations!! It's beautiful! I just went and bought one. Can't wait to have it in my hot little hands.

That's quite a feather in your cap! Congrats!

Congratulations!!! And love that it has part of April in it since that's my b-day month!!

That isn't bragging, that is informing! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Your quilt looks beautiful!

You're not bragging. I'd be shouting to the world! Congratulations! Patti O.

What an honor, congrats.

HOLY COW!!!!! That is totally awesome! You rock woman!!!!! Congratulations - brag all you want. You deserve it.

SO WHAT if it's bragging? It took a lot of hard work to design and stitch that beautiful quilt! So now you are absolutely entitled to show off!! Congratulations - enjoy the moment!!!
Best Stitches,
Mercy in Miami

Brag all you want, what an accomplishment. If you don't blow your own horn, no one else will. Whoohoo to you and congratulations!!!

Looks familiar ;)
Congratulations, Erin! That is a very beautiful page in the engagement calendar!

The Netherlands

Congrats. I'll try to pick one up while I'm in Paducah.

Congratulations!!! Now, that's a keeper.

Wow. You are so talented and your quilts are amazing. You deserve to be on the front cover if you ask me.

Congratulations ♥
Your quilt looks beautiful!

Congrats! How exciting!


What a stunning quilt!

well done!!!! gorgeous quilt, congratulations!

Congratulations on the awesome page in the calendar!! How else would we know if you didn't tell us about it?

Awesome! Congrats!

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