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Congratulations, Sue!
I won't rub it in that we have our air conditioner on down here in Orlando.

Central Park broke an 81 year old record for heat at 92 degrees. I'm just sayin'.
BTW, I'll trade.

It was breezy and in the 80's today north of Boston. I've had enough of cold and wet - no trade.

Hi Erin, yesterday the sun was shining, my dog and I walked for miles, but since I live in Holland: it's raining cats and dogs at the moment. My dog Siep hates rain so our walk later on the day will be a joyeus one (NOT). Have a great day, hugs from Anita.

Sun is shining brightly in central PA today. Normally that would be a good thing, but we're in the middle of a record heat wave and the A/C hasn't been turned on yet where I work. I wouldn't mind a little snow right about now. It would beat sweating at the office all day!

I hate the heat
hang in there

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