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Beautiful Erin, thank you so much!! I'm hitting my sewing room running!!

Hi Erin:
I must be doing something wrong with pressing the pieces before I applique them. They are sticking to my iron and the shape always comes out distorted. I had to draw the last two on the back and do needle turn applique. Any suggestion?
Thank you for sharing your blocks. They are really beautiful.

Sometimes this happens when the iron is too hot
Try to use a dry iron (no steam) on the medium setting
Hope that helps

Block 4 is so pretty! I love the green fabric on the larger leaves.

Yummy!! These just keep getting better and better! Thank you so very much for sharing these.

Beautiful block. Thanks so much for sharing!

I love this quilt. So beautiful. It just keeps coming. Bring it one.
Have a nice weekend,

Thank you. I will try to adjust my iron settings tonite and see how that goes.
Thanks again for sharing your beautiful patterns with all of us.

Beautiful block. Thanks so much♥

Thanks so much Erin! I love, love, love it :) Your blocks are soooo pretty!!

I love your color sense! This quilt just keeps getting better and better. I've only been saving the blocks but I think I'm going to have to start prepping and sewing.

I do have a question though. I'd like to stay with a family of colors; I just bought some 1/2 yd pieces from Sew Batik. How much of each color do you think will be needed for the 13 blocks?

I keep getting an error when I try to download the full sized pattern ... Adobe give me this error: "There was error opening this document. This file cannot be found." Is anyone else having this problem? I am able to download the 1/4 size pattern w/o any problems. Thanks!

Ill look into it

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to get started.

Erin - This is a beautiful block! Almost makes we want to try the applique! :)

Beautiful Erin!!

This is such a beautiful block! Your applique is just lovely. Nice crisp edges, pointy points and gorgeous colors! The quilt will be stunning.

Erin thank you soooo much for all of your applique lessons and you block of the month! I love your method! take care Linda

I love Florabunda! Awesome colors! I'm so glad I found your site. I'm not seeing the Specifics for Block 5. Am I missing it or is it missing?

I didnt do any specifics for that one, nothing too tricky there
Glad you like the blog

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