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Hi Erin!
I had to write when you mentioned your haircut. I too, at 49 1/2 years old, suddenly find myself with the same haircut I had in Kindergarden. Every time I looked in the mirror I kept reminding myself of someone but couldn't figure out who. Then at Easter at my Mom and Dad's I saw my Kindergarden graduation picture on their "wall of fame". Duh! I had a good laugh.

Congratulations on your anniversary! Enjoy the kids and treasure the time.

Best Stitches!

Happy Birthday Erik!

My best friend growing up came from J's and then 3 of them married J's! 9 kids total!

Ive had the same haircut since Ive had hair basically.
Once I came home after a haircut and my cousin went and got my 1st grade picture out and rolled her eyes

It's good to see old photos.
Congratulations to Erik.
Hugs from Brazil

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