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Congratulations! The Bluebird quilt is very beautiful. I hope you win a prize.
Denver is too far away for me. I will visit the Open European Quilt Championship (april 29/May 2) in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

I will not be in that area for the show - I would have loved to meet up. Good luck with the show - have fun and I hope your quilt does well, it is certainly beautiful enough!

I would love to go to that one

I wish I could attend the show and see that gorgeous quilt in person. Congratulations on having it accepted.

Congratulations on being accepted! It is a beautiful quilt! Worthy of 1st prize! I am starting my prayers now! Have a wonderful day full of hugs and stitches!

Congratulations, Erin! So proud of you - maybe I'll be able come on the Friday.

How wonderful to be accepted! I'll keep watch to see which ribbon you'll win, it's sure to win!

What a beautifull quilt you made, I love it!

Congrats!! Hope you win.

Your quilt is just lovely..... congratulations you much be so proud.

Sandy N

YIPPEE!! And I know you! :) I could only go on the weekend, so let me know if you plan on going then.

I'll be at the show with bells on my toes! I love quilt shows and can't wait to see your beautiful quilt!

Hope to see you there,

Congratulations! It's a beautiful quilt! I absolutely adore your color sense. You are so talented. It's wonderful to see!

Your quilt is gorgeous! Congratulations!

Congratulations! How exciting, especially since you can be there to see/hear what other quilters say.

Congratulations on your awesome Bluebird quilt going to the juried show!
Wish I could go and meet you, but too far!

auch aus Deutschland gratuliere ich

Congratulations on having your quilt accepted into the show. It is a beautiful quilt.

Congrats of the entry, and to be able to go to the show is fantastic. Looks like there is room for a big fat ribbon on the side of this quilt!

its beautiful ... simply breata taking ... :) ... congrats!

Erin, your quilt looked LOVELY at the Denver show today! It is soooo beautiful! Your workmanship is just amazing!

I'm so happy that I got to see your quilt in person,

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