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YUM! And I was just thinking "what shall we have for dinner?" I will enjoy this feature.

Thanks! I will be making this for dinner tonight.

Now I have one more reason to check your blog everyday. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds delicious and easy.

This sound yummy. Thanks for the directions.

Looks good! Hey, did you see Rachel Ray's trick to slicing cherry tomatoes? Set a plastic container lid (like a sour cream container) down on the counter, top up, fill it with the tomatoes, then put another lid on top of tomatoes, bottom up, then run your knife between the 2 lids and presto, all tomatoes are cut in half.

As a proud Cuban American I say BRAVO! You did an EXCELLENT job of recreating the recipe. Arroz (you must roll the RR's when you pronouce it) Con Pollo is one of my all time favorites and the most requested by my non Cuban friends. I only have a few ingredietns to suggest to make it a bit more authentic - garlic in the onion tomato puree mix (personal taste) and saffron when you add the rice to the pot (authentic color). Plus, I bet you didn't realize you now also have the recipe for Paella! All you need to do is add a few pieces of sausage, shrimp, and/or scallops to the chicken and now you have authentic Spanish Paella! Okay - got to go because I'm drooling to much to keep typing.

LOVE your blog!

Best stitches,
Mercy in Miami

Great5 recipe, can't wait to try it

This made me smile! Thanks. The pictures are fantastic!

Makes me want to take a day off from Jenny Craig! How many points?

Very kind of you to share that - looks great an d is now printed off ready to shop for ingredients! Congratulations on a wonderful blog :)

This was AWESOME!! I am also Cuban, and most of our meals are traditional Cuban dishes. This one is right on!! My only adjustment would be half a can of beer or 1 cup of wine. Quilting and Cooking a perfect match!!


That looks great! One question-can brown rice be substituted for the white rice?

Sounds Yummy. I agree, the perfect recipe is one you can leave to cook by itself while you go do more sewing!!

Tried this last night and loved it! I was able to get back to my quilting while it cooked...perfect evening! The kids loved it too and were piling on seconds of the rice! I think next time I'll try the sausage and shrimp for the paella mentioned by another of your blog readers. Now I have two great recipes, thanks!

Im going to try the sausage and shrinp as well
My kids LOVE the rice
glad you liked it

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