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LOL! A very cute story with a happy ending, finally!

You win the marathon! Next time you anticipate such an expedition, try an audio book. It works wonders for long drives and stuck-in-traffic situations. You won't even mind it! You might even LIKE shopping again!

You always make my day! I wasnt feeling well today and didnt want to come to work, but once i got here I was like Oh yeah! Check the email! And once again you had a wonderful pick me up! I love the story! I sounds just like something I would do! Thanks for all the pics! THey are lovely!
You are a hoot! Hugs and Stitches from Texas!

300 miles? OMG! Bring some cds with you for music next time, or an mp3 player. Now that you have all the fabric, how are you going to quilt it? Can't wait for the next episode. :)

I grew up in Colorado.

But, aside from that. It is interesting to see a quilt you have made through the eyes of someone who has never seen it. I think we get too close sometimes. I delivered a quilt last night to a friend of my husband. He is ill and I guess we should have warned him because it nearly put him into shock. He had to sit down and reached for us to put it over him and sat there touching it and saying over and over, "It's so beautiful." I didn't expect that, that's for sure.

what part of Colorado were you driving through? And where were the quilt shops? I go to Colorado now and then when we travel and would love to know about the shops. Here to in Arkansas the quilt shops are few and far between. I have to go 80 to 90 miles in almost any direction to get to them and some of them are not good. I mostly order on line. I dislike clothes shopping too and only do it when I need to.

300 miles? What was the price per yard with this mileage? LOL

The Chicago Quilt Show is this week, and we'll be heading into that same traffic for not-quite-the-same purpose. Thanks for making me look forward to the trip with a laugh.

I should have known you would find something at Quilting Hands. Love that shop.

That is such a great shop
I did serious damage to my budget

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