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What a difference! He looks so cute now too.

Thats remaind me to call my hear dresser too....lol...
I woud luuuv to petting him too :o)) He looks so soft and ...batty....LOL....

I kind of like the before also. What a handsome dog.

What a dramatic difference...now if I could that kind of results when I go to the groomer, I mean hair dresser. LOL

What a cutie!

How cute! I have a border collie and the groomer takes her down to a pelt and she just loves it. Makes her look like a puppy, so I think she likes the "youthful" haircut ;-) I know I do, less hair in the house.

I have to say I love the terrier look but they also look good all cleaned up. I have a bouvier/sheppard mix..she gets almost the same cut and she is just a cuddly bear when done. Now you are lucky her hair on her feet grows too and it makes them look huge...she should have been called "chubaka" from star wars.
Enjoy the cut while it lasts..LOL

He is - I guess I have to say handsome, since he is he :)

He's very handsome, with or without his haircut!!

He looks fantastic!

I think he's darling both ways!

Ah! A puppy makeover. He is so cute!!

We get to pick up a puppy for my youngest son this Saturday. She is some kind of mutt, so it will be fun to see what she grows into. Looks like yours worked out well!

You have got yourselves a right Mr Darcy there! And good on you for getting a puppy from a rescue centre. I wish you many, many years of fun and companionship together.

doesn't he look spiffy!

Sorry for such a late post, but I was just googling my dog, Buddy. He is what we also guessed to be a border collie wired hair terrier mix. ^^ He looks exactly like yours, with his body, head, face, eyes (I love his eyes and the way he'll just look up at you with them.), and his colors and pattern.

His name is buddy, and he is amazingly smart! He is so well behaved, loves everyone and is very gentle. He is great with kids and isn't too hyper or lazy. He has never ever made a mess of the house or damaged anything we own; he has never had an accident either!

We rescued our buddy from a family that had rescued him on their own. He was about one when we got him, and that was in December of 2003.

He and I are very close, and he has his own thing with each family member - something he only does with them. He definitely has a personality and a sense of humor! He lies down on my mom like a huge lapdog. He follows my dad around, he attacks my sisters feet (He thinks it's funny because she always reacts when he does it...But most people would if he was nipping at their feet!), and with me he is just my best friend. ^^

I taught him a lot, though he didn't really need training, he understands what you ask of him no matter what! I could ask him to go up to my room and get my cellphone for me, and tell him it's on the ground next to my bed, and he'll go do exactly that. He is very brilliant. I rough house with him, and around January of last year I noticed that his growling when we played was funny. He would change the tune of the growl up and down as if he was attempting to talk to me, it was quite funny. Eventually I was messing round and tried to see if he could say "I love you." like dogs on the television and such, and I could tell that he was trying to mimic me. For about two months I worked on it with him, away from my family because they teased and didn't believe he could. They said I only heard it because I wanted to so bad! It wasn't me though! I got him to say it, and currently he says it very clearly. "I love you!" he'll shout. People say he doesn't know what it means, but he uses it in perfect context. He has learned to say a few more words as well.

I'll say "I love you.", and he'll say "I love you too.". In the mornings when we give him his treats, he likes for me to give them to him, and when he has eaten the last one, he'll sit down and look up at me with an extra sad face and growl "Please?" and it's so cute that I have to give him another...Ha ha.

Anyways, you are very lucky to have such an amazing type of dog, and I hope he gives your family as much love and joy as my Buddy gives mine.

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