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The startling use of color in Logs and Leaves makes it my favorite of these.

what lovely quilts - sorry your camera broke. I hate driving in cities and avoid it if all possible.

Amazing quilts - thanks for taking us!

Monika's quilt is amazing. I had the pleasure of seeing it two? years ago in person. She is in my guild. This year's quilt is just as amazing. I absolutely love the way she "frames" her quilts and the dimensional aspect of them as well.

As your blog post was loading, the first photo was just a bit fuzzy. I thought it was an actual photo of people looking at quilts. A wonderful design and so well executed.

Thanks for sharing. Glad you got in your car and drove into the city! I love the first one and of course the feathered star!

Wow how wonderful of you to share these with us. I love the very last one. That was me this morning. I also carry a purse camera! You never know when you'll need it.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow - what beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them!

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