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Of course a thread like that would bother someone. And once you know it is there it may as well be an 800-pound gorilla. Thanks for the tip. I may learn applique yet.

Erin, I just found your blog and LOVE IT. I use most of the same techniques you do. I do start my thread the way you do. I hadn't seen or thought of this idea with the thread tail. Great idea! I love learning something new!

I start mine a little different, but end exactly the same way. I"m a longarm quilter in my spare time and there is nothing more upsetting than seeing threads through the light fabrics. When quilting, I"ll pop through the fabric with a very fine crochet hook and work the thread out!

I just keep learning more from you Erin! Thank you.
(Last sentence in your post should be "Cut off the excess THREAD" rather than fabric.

just changed that
PLEASE do not cut the fabric

Thank you again for showing us how you do your beautiful applique

Hi Erin, I am Michelle and am doing your BOM - Thanks so much for doing this - it is just so beautiful! I also don't like "shadows" from fabric or thread behind a light background. When I get a thread tail - I pull out the applique needle and sweep it back under. Sometimes it takes a little effort but this usually works - Have a great day!

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