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Patsy has a video tutorial over on TheQuiltShow.com (Ricky and Alex's show site).
Not sure if there is an intro, read as free, or if you have to join to see it. She might even be on YouTube. (She is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYL4RJVYBGo)

That looks like pure inspiration!!!

Oh, wow! That would really inspire me! I have seen her at the quilt show and she makes it look so easy.

Yummy is RIGHT! I've seen her works before and I dare to dream... I might just have to own that book - and SOON!

It's beautiful . . . and incredibly intimidating!! LOL! But really, really beautiful! :)

Wow, how beautiful! Love feathers, but have to agree with Tracy...intimidating!

Ooh, beautiful. But quilting feathers is so difficult. Thanks for the tip and the links.

With all your talent, I have no doubt that you'll master machine quilting very quickly. Your feathers are already good-looking!!!

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