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I don't dream about fabric but I visualize what I want to buy. Bad thing about that, I can never find a fabric as nice as the one in my imagination.

Where did you go in Denver? I will be flying in for a couple days and would like to find a quilt shop or two. I have been to Harriet Hargrave's and Great American Quilt Factory. Do you have another shop that you like?
I will be attending a class in Estes Park with David Taylor also. I just accidentally found out about the classes and quilt show. Will you drive over to see the quilt show?

Very pretty fabric choice. I can't wait for ypur next project.

I'm partial to the first set (I've been on a dark orange kick) so you can mail those care of me. Ha, ha! :)They're both great sets and I love those blues too!

I've been in a pink phase for several years, once bitten by the pink bug it's hard to go back to anything else:))

It used to. Know when I see a fabric that jumps out at me I just buy it. Why fight it? I'll just dream about it at night, have it chase after me all day and finally end up going back!

Yep, been there, done that, got the t-shirt! I often dream about certain fabrics, I go to my little sewing room to find out it was all a dream!! Fabric makes me happy, hubby brings me fat quarters in stead of flowers and I love him for that! Have a great weekend Erin, hugs from Holland, Anita.

I tend to have the same problem with red. Can´t do without it. But dreaming about fabric you did not buy. You bet I did!

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