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I LOVE Florabunda. I eagerly look forward to each new block.

Hi Erin! I've just come across your blog and want to say thank you! I'm so impressed you would go to the effort and time to make this BOM available for free! Wow. You are one very generous lady! While I'd love to join in, I have plenty of projects on my plate for now. But I certainly appreciate your unselfishness, sharing your talents in this way. Your blocks and color choices are wonderful. Blessings!

Thank you for the beautiful BOM!

Thank you Erin for making these blocks available. I will get what you recommend for the background and borders, and guesstimate for the applique pieces as I don't have scraps to work from as of yet to make these beautiful works of art you design for us. I love all you do, and appreciate everything!!

I Erin, I think your Florabunda is gorgeous!!! OK, call me slow...but I must be missing the part on what size the white background squares should be. I'm assuming 12" square, is this correct?

Can't wait till your next BOM

The finished size is 12 square. Cut larger, applique and then cut to 12.5 square
Hope that helps

To echo an earlier comment, I just found out about Florabunda. I'm pretty new to applique, but can't wait to try this beautiful project. Thank you for allowing us this as a free download.

Thanks Erin - I think this looks great! I will copy it when I get home from seeing Harry Potter with the children :)

I just recently found your page. Is it possible to get all the patterns for Florabunda? How do I get the patterns for your new BOM?

Hello, Erin!
I also just found your Florabunda. I see that others have asked if the BOM is still available but I don't see your reply to the question. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Could you please advise? Thank you so much!

Hellow Erin

I started the Floribunda Quilt and fell behind. Is there anyway to access the designs anymore?

Can someone please - PLEASE tell me where I can download Blocks 10-11-and 12???? I keep seeing it say there are two one templets and the other smaller, but there is no place to click on download!!!



Hello Erin, I just recently found your page and I love your work. Is it still possible to get the patterns for Florabunda? I really hope so. Friendly greetings from Belgium.

can anyone send me florabunda #12 pattern. Cannot seem to download it. please...thanks

thanks for these beautiful patterns... I do not seem to find the center block... is it posted somewhere and I over looked it ? any help would be apppreciated...

Erin, I love your patterns! I, too, recently found your site. Is it possible to access all of the BOM patterns? If so, how?
Thank you,

This years BOM is My Tweets and you can find the small patterns under the My Tweets category (center block is in my shop as are all the Florabunda patterns)
Hope that helps

Hi everyone I've just discovered Erin Rusec I'm a fairly new quilter and absolutely love the site and the florabunda designs ARE the patterns free? can anyone tell me how I can download them ,I'm pretty new on computers
Thanks Marie Yokshire England

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