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Your blocks just keep getting prettier with each one! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I'm needing to finish up another BOM b4 I get started on this one.

It's a GORGEOUS block! I'm kicking myself that I didn't know about your Florabunda Quilt BOM from the beginning. I would have tried my best to keep up. But now... I'm saving them for a start in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for your excellent design!

Erin, block 6 is awesome, as are all the blocks, thank you so much.


Beautiful!!! I have to admit, I have a lot of catching up to do :o(

I love this block is beautiful! Thank you for everything that we have given and taught.

This one is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

The Block 6 ist just great.

Aack! I love this block!!!!

This is my favorite block so far but they are all lovely! Thanks for sharing them!

Hi Erin,

This is such a lovely block! It will take a lot of time to make it, but it is worth the effort. I love your choice of fabrics,the quilt will look so bright!
Thank you for the pattern and for your tutorial on choosing and matching colors.
That helps me a lot!

The netherlands

What a beautiful block!

Thank you Erin from a South African for the wonderful blocks you keep putting up for us all. I have a question, do you leave the mylar template plastic shape inside each shape when you are appliqueing? I have printed your tutorial and each month's blocks already. I can't wait to start even though I'm quite late at finding your blog.

South Africa

Thank you for another beautifull block

I take the mylar out
sorry I keep forgetting to say that

Thank you very much Erin, now I understand the tutorial better. Echo the other comments, the blocks are just beautiful.

South Africa

Thanks for another gorgeous block!!

Hi Erin,
How do I draw the pattern of the block to a dark background fabric?

I use the Clover white marker and a light box but a window works too!

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