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Yes, yes,yes for a tutorial. Very cool.

I use my Adobe Photoshop every day for something though I am far from being proficient using it.

I am your student,quilting, piecing, applique, PSE...whatever... lead away, Master, I am trying to follow! :)

Seriously:You are a generous lady with all your knowledge & sharing. I hope you know that I appreciate you!

Oh Yes please, please, please !
I love your blog !
Thanks for al the joy your giving to us !
Greetings from Belgium

Li Fén

Yes i love your tutorials! THey are the greatest! YOu have given me new found encouragement to tackle new things! I love your blog, I look forward everyday you post!
On the days you dont , it's just not the same!!! Hugs and Stitches from Texas!

I've done something similar in Paint Shop Pro and have found it a great tool to use for auditioning different layouts and borders! :0)

i am a quilter and a scrapbooker. i never even thought to use pse as a design element in my quilting. yes! a tutorial would be great. just lead the way and i am all eyes and ears. your blog is FANTASTIC. i check everyday even though i have limited my computer time to twice a week. you have definately reignited my love of hand applique again.

Wow, yes please! A tutorial would be great!

I love your blog and I would LOVE any tutorial about Photoshop Elements. I was astounded by what you showed in today's message. The program mystifies me! Thank you for your generosity.

Oh, yes, please! I would love a tutorial on using Photoshop Elements the way you have demonstrated. Thank you for this generous offer and also for you delightful blog!

all your blocks and fabrics are just so gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...great incentive fabric to start with and then to have those wonderful flavors to follow..yum yum!!
you make wonderful tutorials I don't you really had to ask..but yes very interested can always learn...
Block six!! wow!!

Yes please, more tutorials!

I'd love to see tutorials for PSE. I use it so rarely, I can't remember what I learned the last time.
I agree with you- I love the on-point layouts!

I would love, love, LOVE PSE tutes!!! I just finished an on-line class through Lynda.com on PSE6 for Mac and am starting to do SO much more with it. To use it in my quilting realm would be fantastic!!! Thank you - I hope you'll do some!

I am very interested since I don't have a very creative side to me. I think that I can use all the help I can get in that department. Thank you.

I use PSE for designed the actual quilting on a quilt. I just create a new layer and have at it. Of course, having a Wacom pen/tablet helps a lot.

♥♥♥Yes please, more tutorials♥♥♥
thank you♥

Your use of PSE is very impressive. But before a tutorial, I'd be interested to know how expensive PSE is, and whether you're using it on a Mac or PC. I'm a MacBook user. Thanks!

Yes, pretty please. I've only used PSE for pics not for designing quilts. You've opened up a whole new world - now I just need your tutorials.

Love the block- and do like the on point layout best.

I've never thought of using Photoshop for quilting, so yes, please, on the tutorials. Love your blog. I check it every day.

Are you going to sell this block on your Esty account?
I would love to add it to my collection of patterns.

Tutorials for using PSE for quilting (or in general) would be awesome! Your tutorials are wonderful and I look forward to all of them.....so, my vote is YES for PSE tutorials. Thank you so much for all you do

Hi there,
A tutorial using PSE as a tool to help design a quilt would be awesome! Thank you for your great site, your projects are great!!


I'm just getting caught up on your blog and if your PSE tutorials would be as good as the applique tuts, I'd LOVE to see them! I've been appliqueing for over 35 years and have just learned some amazing tricks reading your blog. Thanks for sharing so generously!

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