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That's just silly, if it weren't so sick. What children need is time, space and love, and someone to read to them every day and make sure they have a responsibility and follow through. Childhood is so short, too short to be wasted on preschool pressure.

There is so much I want to say, but I have learned better. I agree with you completely. Too much pressure, too much "learning" (HA!), too much of too much!
Suffice it to say, if I knew then what I know now, my children would have been home schooled and told to go study the growth of a blade of grass, up close. There would be less books and tests and more talks and hugs. More libraries and museums and less...see I knew I would get started and not stop.
I have lived all over the US and there are too many mediocre and bad schools and not enough good school. Too many schools where the teachers are just there because it is a job and not a love. Too many schools where the bottom line is the test scores and graduation numbers. Oops, there I go again...

What a silly thing, I do agree with you. Children that small yust learn from playing and being at home. As a primaryschool teacher (NL) I don't agree at all with all this preschool learning. Here (in the Netherlands) they talk about it too, but then they give good arguments and not a lesson in fear for the future!!! That is just so stupid!!!

Here in the great(or once great) state of CA. is it allllllllllllllll about the dollar. The more students enrolled the more money.

There may be some truth to the ad, but I seriously doubt it. Children need to be outside running and playing, not forced to sit quietly at a desk.

Many moons ago when I homeschooled my son, I learned that CA. schools receive $1000 per day, per student who is at school...no child sitting at that desk, including out sick, no $1000. At that time there where over 1 million homeschooled children. Do the math. I guess now they figure they can go after the 4 year olds. What is next, enroll your child at birth????


I totally agree with you. I think kids are sometimes so regimented today that they never learn to how to play and have fun. I remember my childhood filled with imagination and freedom. I tried to make sure my kids had that also, although already free time was frowned on. They in turn have all remarked that many of their friends don't know how to just relax and enjoy life.

I have no children, so that makes me an expert *vbg* but if I had kids, they probably wouldn't see the inside of a public school until they took their own kids there. Ok, I just typed and deleted a rant.....so I better end here!

Thank you so much for posting this comment and the link to the documentary. After living in South America for most of their lives, my grandchildren are back in the U.S. school system and struggling precisely with this issue. If you're first in line to watch this documentary, I'm second!

My grandparents are part of what is called the "Greatest Generation". They did not attend preschool; neither did they attend daycare. They were home with their mothers, baking cookies, learning their ABCs, finger painting and coloring on the kitchen table. They survived the Great Depression and WW2. I don't see how someone can call anyone of that generation a failure. I am so sick and tired of being told we are failures as parents if we choose to keep our babies out of daycare and preschool. My 3rd grader struggles with homework every night, while his dad and I wonder why WE didn't have homework until junior high. My teenager hates school with a passion, and after a meeting with his teachers, school counselors, and the administrators, the school psychologist drew me aside and told me this antipathy was normal, that most teenage boys struggle with school, boredom, and a lack of motivation. I asked her, then why are we still doing it this way? Why don't we find a way to educate them that actually works? She just stared at me and blinked.

I watched a news program recently about schools wherein someone brought up the thought that one of the (many) reasons why schools are failing now is because before the 1960's, the best and brightest women became teachers. It was one of the few career options open to them. With the advent of the equal rights movement, the best and brightest women were able to choose to become doctors, engineers, lawyers. It was a fascinating discussion.

I'm not advocating that women go back to only being able to be teachers and housewives, but wouldn't it be wonderful if good, dedicated, caring teachers got paid as well as engineers and attorneys?

Erin, you are a highly educated and concerned parent. I assume you have provided your children with early learning opportunities. Not all children are as fortunate.

Obviously, the advertisement is trying to reach people that would not go to the trouble to enroll their children or whom think that preschoolers are too young to learn. Unfortunately some people need to be threatened with inprisonment before they will be a decent parent.

I agree with early learning being important - so if a mom can't take a lot of time to play educational games with her kids while they're young then yes, preschool is important. More important than that is, TIME spent with a mother and father figure. This is what keeps our kids out of the 'criminal system'

First off, let me say that I have no children. So you can make of the following opinion what you will...

Children learn the most important lessons in life by example and by interaction with others. I think those doesn't HAVE to be in a pre-school environment.

Besides, stating that if your child doesn't go to pre-school you are putting them on the right track to be a criminal is a slap in the face of parents.

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