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Oh, what lovely colours!! Can't wait to see what your magic fingers will turn them into...

Erin, thanks for the source for the color graded fabrics. I was actually on line this weekend trying to find a source for them. Perfect! Can't wait to see what's coming in the fall....


I love them! Then I wouldn't have to make a decision about what matches/looks good!

Glad to hear you like Janet's fabrics. She is a friend of mine and I've used her hand dyes for many years and can vouch for their color fastness, ease of use. I, too, like her gradations. I also love your applique designs!

I really love these fabrics

I am looking for fabrics that fade from dark to light(or vice versa) horizontally.

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy gradated fabrics which go from very light to medium to dark across the width of the fabric in the same colour in different colours.
I had some in purple designed by the Kesslers for Andover Fanrics so am looking for something similar.


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