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I use fabcad to draw my blocks and then paint to fill it in. I think probably Adobe might be a bit easier! Thanks for sharing! :)

I'm curious to know how PSE8 compares to 6. I have 6 and wonder if I should upgrade.

Thanks for the posting the test/beginning lesson. The sound was a little low but other than that great beginning.

Thanks for doing this!! I'm on the fence about buying PSE8; maybe the tutorials will help me decide.
The sound was pretty low-can you take it up a notch? Thanks.

Nice to hear your voice. I've been using Line Form and Inkscape to try and design and it's been uphill. I'm looking forward to your tutorials since I have Photoshop Elements 6. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Nice to hear your voice, but it was very quiet even with my sound turned up all the way. I also have a large monitor and the tutorial was kind of blurry. Does anyone else have this problem? I don't have Photoshop Elements; I have Photoshop, the full-blown program. I'm hoping it will also help me learn to use that.

Hi Erin,
I read an comment in your blog, that you were considering doing a tutorial on how to use PSE in the quilt designing process. I have been trying to find additional information but I was not successful.

By the way, I love your appplique tutorials, and I'm going to be attempting your pattern in the pink/brown colorway, since that is very pretty, and a bit outside of the colors I normally choose. But I love the way it looks, so, I will be giving it a try.

Thank you!!


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