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That was a really nice video. I hope you do more in the future. And about the computer problems, I don't know what I'm going to do when my kids move out. They are my free, resident techies that help me all the time!

Love the Video...please do more!!! Don't you just love those kids? If it weren't for us parents, what free entertainment could they possibly have in this world? PS: My girls are cut from the same cloth!

what an awesome tutorial...I have another question. How close do you cut the fabric at the point??
I used to just turn with my needle and then I started turning with the wooden tool and found my fabric does grab that better.
Also the thimble (finger tip) you are using on your right middle finger.. what is that?? and what do you use it for??
Thank you so much from someone that has appliqued for a very long time but always learning new and wonderful methods. your patterns are just so fantastic!!

Thank you for sharing.... great tutorial. I am curious as to what you have in your shapes... do you use freezer paper?

Hi there,
I just wanted to say thank you for your tutorial. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, then a video must be priceless! :)


curiosità! ma tu togli l'eccesso di stoffa dietro l'appliquè una volta finito il blocco?? è possibile vedere il retro del lavoro??? Grazie ti seguo con passione! e non vedo l'ora di arrivare al blocco centrale!

I starch my shapes using templar and take that out.
Hope that helps

I use thimble pads and I think you can find them online at softexpressions.com
I need some protection or I get a very sore finger.

actually here is a link


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