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wow that is a neat product!! I too have neck stiffness and arthritis in it. I do hand quilting and hand applique ect. My doctor long ago told me to quit my craft!! and that the pain would improve. He didn't quite seem to get it that I can't quite something I love doing :) I have tried all sorts of exercises and stretches throughout the day and it does help but this product might help also - I will be on the look out for it.

Ive found that yoga is also very helpful.

It looks and sounds like the perfect solution. I believe we can all relate to that pain.

When I applique, I sit in a chair with a sofa pillow on my lamp. My applique projects rests on it.

Reading this made me sit up straighter.

Great find! I am going to have to search for one of those it could be quite handy! Thanks for sharing

This is a great find indeed.

I definitely see more Julia than Jill! This looks like a great tool, I applique with a pillow in my lap, but some times catch myself using poor posture.

Thanks for being so brave to share pictures of yourself at work. You're a beautiful person. Thank you for giving us this great insight.

Thank you for the great idea. I'm going to follow your lead. I have a Hobby Lobby close. It's all about ergonomics. We want to keep quilting for another ++ years.

The last MRI I had the Doctor told me that I have now 5 bulging disks in my neck. I went thru 4 procedures 2 years ago to inject steriods and finally was told that I have to learn to live with the numbness and pain or take pain killers. I really think that this might help my problem.
Thanks Erin. You are the best.


Carrie at "A Passion for Applique" referred me to our blog. I don't know if you have something that shows you how long I've been here, but I've been here for quite a while. I'm new to all this quilting stuff and have never tried applique, but always thought I'd enjoy it. I'm not much on reading books and figuring out what to do. I'm more of a visual person, and that's why I enjoy reading blogs. All the photos and videos are a tremendous help to me. I'm reading backwards from your newest to your oldest posts. I got to this one, and HAD to post a comment. I'm going out immediately and get this do-jiggy easel. I'd also like to know what kind of light that is you have behind it. I saw it in a later post and have been hoping you'd tell me what kind of light it is, but I'm asking now just in case you don't. I don't have the vaguest idea how to applique, I know nothing about the stitches, and don't know what the best thing would be to start on. I am so enjoying reading all of your posts, though. You are awesome - your grasp of colors and designs, and what looks good and what doesn't...I'm hooked. Truly hooked. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

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