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Congratulations and Good luck. I voted for your lovely quilt.

Congratulations, that's fantastic. I'm off to vote for your quilt.

Very lovely. I went and voted for your quilt.

I did look through the other offerings; and I had no problem voting for yours -- I love it! :)

Off to vote for you! Ros

I voted for you...not because I read your blog or because you asked me to, simply because I thought your quilt was far and away the best!

Just voted for you.Love your Florabunda, so I have no problems voting for you!Good luck!

Your designs are original and fresh. They inspire me to make them up so you definitely have reason to self promote. Why not post your entry # (56) to make it even easier. Good luck with this, I'll pop on and vote as often as I remember!

Congratulations and good luck with the votes!! I'm off to check them out (and vote for you, I'm sure; I just love your designs!).

I voted for you because yours was the prettiest by far. Very cheerful and bright colors. You are on your way to Stardom and when that day comes it is going to be my turn to brag that I know you.
Best of luck.

There was no problem voting for your quilt, your work is wonderful.

I ventured a look at them all and believe me you will come in 1st place I will so get the mag if you are in there. good luck!!
the fox in the hen house was the other one that was pretty good...but you are number 1!!

It works beautifully, but like most of his ♥ already voted. Good luck!

You have my vote Erin, good luck!!

I voted for you too - your designs are beautiful. Bernie

I do it!!!I voted for you work.
Good luck Erin!!

I voted for yours because it was the best! Good luck Erin!

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