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I can't wait for the new block of the month. You are right, the fat quarter shop is wonderful and they ship pretty fast. I have been dealing with them for over 5 years and was never disappointed. please let me know when the center block is going to be available on your Etsy account. By the way, I am in Colorado (Keystone) right now, are you very far from here? I would love to take you to lunch. Please let me know.

You are so extremely generous to offer another BOM next year. I haven't started Florabunda yet, having only recently gotten the applique bug. I just finished 6 of the little needle cases, so soon I will tackle Florabunda too.


Oh, I love that center! I love birds in quilts, I'ld like to participate. It's great you warned in advance, because I always have too many plans for projects, so this is a good reason to plan better LOL.
I wanted to write about it on my blog and put a link there, but will you make a button? Or can I use the picture from your header?

Erin, Thank you! It looks fantastic! Can't wait to start it. Because of you (and Karen Kay Buckley) I just started using the template and starch method and have found it to be incredibly easy with the bonus of producing beautifully sharp points. I'm lovin' it! The only thing I do differently is use a double thickness of freezer paper instead of templar. One template lasted for the 18 leaves I needed it for, so I have no complaints - and it's easy on the pocket book which means more $$ for fabric. Yum!

Also, lovin' the videos and can't wait to see more. I learn so much more by watching than by reading.

Thanks again!!

This is soooo tempting... and I know, the Fat Quarter shop is fabulous!

Erin, that's awesome, thank you so much for sharing your talents. I'm jumping up and down too (not coffee, EXCITEMENT). I'm so enjoying Florabunda, your designs are completely my taste. So needless to say that you can count me in for the new bom. Hugs from Holland, Anita.

Thank YOU!! Count me in!! XXOO, Damaris

This is so exciting. I can't wait, but until then I am really enjoying this years BOM. I have joined in whole heartily, I just need to get some pictures and add them to the flicker group.


Eren,right now I'm applying the block 8. Fabrics for the BOM 2011 are beautiful. I live far away and it takes me to receive, as I get mine, as I intend to work with you. Thank you for everything you've learned with you. I'm still waiting for the Photoshop tutorial that would teach us.
Hugs and good work ..

Erin, I don't know where I will find the time, but I think I will HAVE to join your BOM next year...

I have a feeling this will be a fun BOM to follow. Thanks in advance for offering another BOM.

Consider my calendar marked!! I'm looking forward to the new BOM. Thanks again for this years and hosting another year.

Hi! Looking forward to the new BOM even before this one is finished! Quilter's ADD is running rampant in my home. The fabrics are wonderful and happy - and I think that's what my birthday present will be! The Fat Quarter Shop is everything you say and more. They are truly wonderful and easy to deal with.

Thank you for spreading your talent around! Those of us who can applique but can't draw to save our lives, we thank those that can!

I agree with the post from Carla -- those of us who love to applique but can't draw to save our lives, we thank you and depend on you to feed our addiction. Question - if I get 8 yards of background and 2.5 yards of the sashing and binding fabric, do I only need a FQ of the Happy Fabrics???

I haven't even started the beautiful flowers this year, but I'm looking forward to next year's flowers and birds. You'll have to give very specific directions on how to order the center. Some of us are also computer challenged!

Thanks and have a wonderful day/week/month/life!

Ooooh, I was looking for a 2011 BOM from you, as I started quilting after the 2010 one began, and was bummed that I missed out. Now, I'm over eager for your 2011 one to begin.. any chance for a new peek???

very beautiful blog

Took the boys snowboarding and finally got to watch them make full runs down the slope while I followed close on the skis.

When will be posting the other "Tweets" blocks? I will be looking forward to trying this Thanks so much!!

The new year always brings about the start of new quilting Block of the Month projects and quilt-longs. I’m working on a list of those that I’ve found which I’ll post later in the week.

An absolutely need pattern - Bluebird's Piece O'cake. I search: The New Applique Sampler, Applique Delights and Flowering Favorites all by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins; but had no luck in finding the pattern or book to purchase.

If possible could you lead me in the right direction.

Love it!

Erin - when do you think you will be posting the border of the Bluebird's Piece O'cake for purchase. I have it posted on my bulletin board at work and look at it every day. Just wonder if you had a timeframe in mind. THANKS!


I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

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