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when were you at the Tetons? It sounds like we have been close to crossing paths at times - we are still on our trip and right now are 40 miles north of Yellowstone and will be there on the 4th to the 11th =

Hi Erin,

Didn't you take Walter along with you? Or is he still in Vienna? :)
Amazing photo's, by the way!

(The Netherlands, probably the flattest country on earth)

I left Walter in Vienna.
Im still sore from hiking and wishing I lived in the flattest country on earth.
Ive been to the Netherlands and I really loved it.
Hope to go back
Have a nice day

Incredible photos!

Stunning photos!!!

Beautiful photos, looks like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful! Check out my pictures of my hike to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=467565&id=838745611&l=1d6c3a02bb

I'm not a great photographer, but you can't go wrong with material like that! And note to Digna from the Netherlands - I went there a couple of years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!


Such gorgeous pictures and all wonderful points to learn!!!

Great pictures.

Your photos are amazing.

Your photos are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, Grand is definitely the word here! I've been to a few places you photographed, great memories. There are some spectacular sights throughout the US.


Amazing pictures! What a view! Definitely worth the hiking trip. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Those pictures are so gorgious. Living in a flat country(Holland), with no mountains at all, I can only dream of such sights and I really thank you for taking us with you on this trip!

Wonderful pictures and love your comment. It really looks like you had a great time.

Very cool photos. What river is that? I've never been in that part of the country.
Think you can use that great pic as the inspiration for a quilt?

I think its Green River Lake in the Wind River Range in WY. By the time I took this picture I was too tired and thirsty to care.

that's a very nice escapade you did,my friend..the landscape is amazing. enjoying such views, hiking, and then having a beer..that's a slice of heaven, i say! :)

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