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When I played your video Erin, Siep was sitting next to me on the couch and looking at the screen. After a deep sigh she decided she couldn't be bothered! I love Rio's enthusiasm, Siep has her moments too, although I have to drag her sometimes off of the couch to go for a walk. It's time now (she doesn't know it yet)! A cuddle for Rio from Anita.

Thanks for sharing that - I smiled big all the way through it!

He is so cute.

My dog went crazy when she heard Rio whining on your video. She was standing on her hand legs at the window barking at nothing. I also had a cat on my lap at the time and he slinked off. Very funny!

Rio is a real cutie. Gotta love his enthusiasm.

AWWW, Erin. He's so adorable-even with all the begging and barking.

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