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Great training!! You must be working with him a lot.

What a GOOD PUPPY!!!!

More Rio!

this is a dog that is well loved to spend so much time on him and train him so lovingly excellent work on both the pup and the trainer..perserverance prevails..goes with applique too..LOL

Beg and dead are my favorites. Also, I'll do tricks if someone will feed me cheese - just sayin....

What a sweetheart of a dog :o)

I liked "dead" "peak" "dead." Really funny.

Awwww now I want a Rio dog!!!

Awwww, he's adorable! I wish DH would say yes but he says we can't afford it.

Sweet dog. Thanks! And really like your blog. Good luck in the contest - are we neighbors - have to get a map out. Been here a yr.


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