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Thank you so much, Erin. I'm really starting to get the hang of this method and really love it so much. It's making applique a whole lot more fun than it already was and I don't have to dread picking out the freezer paper of finished piece anymore. Love that! Your videos are great! Keep 'em coming.

Excellent tutorials! Thank you for taking the time to post these!

Well, Ms. Rogers, you did a great job. I have yet to start any hand applique but watching you makes me think that maybe I could do it, too. Thanks.

I'm just grateful for the tutorials and appreciate your time! I couldn't in good conscience complain about anything!!!!

Thanks I´m learning hand applique, all my work is machine applique and I´learning and it´s really fun.

I really enjoy these videos. They are so helpful.

Thanks for posting the tutorial videos. I think you do a great job! :-) Thanks again.

Thanks Erin!

your videos are so helpful! love seeing all the details of how you work with the stencil brush to encourage the fabric to follow the template.

Thanks for struggling through the technical difficulties -- I'm a novice and trying my hand at Florabunda. Though I've read and looked at the pictorials, there is something about seeing it in action that help put it all together. We appreciate your efforts.

OOHHH! I just watched all your videos, and they are so fantastic. I especially loved the one on making tubes (vines). I was afraid those were going to be turning fabric inside out after stitching... and nope you make it so easy. I sure hope I can find some of those bars.. my fabric store really doesn't have anything, but I will look.. that is for sure!

Your videos are fantastic! I have sent your links to everyone I know who asks about how to learn appliqué! Tell your husband and kids you are a quilting ROCKSTAR!!!

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