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Great tutorial. I just got some bias bars and have been afraid to try then, but not anymore!
Many thanks.

Hi Erin:
You have no idea how much Iam learing from your tutorials and tips. I was doing things totally wrong that I gave up on the starch method. I bought myself an extra iron to keep without steam for applique pressing and Iam ready to start my next block since my wrist is feeling better (still in a splint for the next 4 four weeks but I am going try to do it anyway).
I already have all the material for 2011 block of the month and can't wait for that one to start (the HAPPY fabric line is so gorgeous).
Thank you for your help.

I just watched your video and now I have learned how to use bias bars, so next I will have to find some at the store. Thank you for teaching the basics.

This is the method I use, too, and I do a lot at one time. So, I pin all of my sections around a paper towel tube or a toilet paper tube to hold their shape until I am ready to use. Thanks for a very good tutorial.

This was a great segment Erin! Thank you.

Can you PLEASE make a video on how to starch the leaves since I have a lot of them in my next block.


How much longer are we voting at McCalls?

I think its one more week

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