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I'm a Brit-Com fan, but the absolute best for the whole family is Keeping Up Appearances!!! We watch it over and over now my grands are hooked!!!

I forgot Last of the Summer Wine too!!!

All creatures great and small brings back memories, I watched every episode years ago, read the books too. How about Inspector Lynley, suspense but not too bloody. Further more I'm an addict of British costume drama, you can wake me up for them, everything from Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters ............... sigh. Combine those costume drama's with some hand quilting and you are in sheer heaven!!

I hadn't heard about Doc Martin, but have seen the others. You might try Vicar of Dilby -- the vicar is played by Dawn French and if you don't know her, she's hysterical as the bawdy vicar of a very staid English village. Actually, she's also in another series we're watching now, set in late 1800s England called Lark Rise to Candleford, which is excellent, too. This is a drama about a young woman moving from country to town. Wonderful characters!

We love Netflix and BBC too. I have been watching Robin Hood with my hubby. It's very action packed but fun. Thanks for more ideas.

I love Doc Martin and was very sad to watch the last episode but it was hilarious!
I remember watching All Creatures Great and Small when I was young and reading all the books. Thanks for reminding me as my daughter would love the books now. I will keep an eye out for the other two shows.It has been years since I watched it but I also loved Northern Exposure when it was on. Another comedy with off beat characters.

Midsomer murders, Judge John Deed and Morse are all classics and very English! Also Martin Clunes was previously in Men Behaving Badly - very funny. Ros

you might also try hope spings, about a set of wives of bankrobbers, on the run, stranded in a highland village.

Oh, i forgot... being human, about a vampire, werewolf and ghost trying to fit in society, and Desperate romantics, about the romantic painters, very funny.

Haven't heard of any of your recommendations, except All Creatures Great and Small. I loved the show and I loved the books. I'll keep your recommendations in mind. I'm always looking for something good to watch.

Its so funny to see Americans liking British programmes. We get so many of your programmes.
Another one to look out for is
'Hamish MacBeth'. Also set in the Scottish Highlands about a local policeman and his little dog. Made around 1995.
Many of the programmes you list were broadcast on Sunday nights for family viewing.

Nan in Bonnie Scotland

Finally scrolled down far enough to find "comment" section. As far a naming your Fish Frenzy fish goes, how about "Gillbert Green"? Thanks for your consideraton. L-o-v-e your patterns.

We are Netflix people, too :) Especially watching a whole season's worth of a show back-to-back, it's great not having to wait a whole week to watch one episode.
We appreciate your recommendation of these three shows....already, we have watched all of Doc Martins Season 1 & really like it!

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