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Cake, Mmm Carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting is great, we just made it at well it didn't make it in the ouse for more than 3 days :)

My favorite...Italian Cream Cake. It is like a quilt because when I make a quilt I put in my favorite colors, textures, and block patterns. An Italian Cream Cake contains all of my favorite flavors and textures. YYYUUUMMMMMYYYY!

It is very hard to pick a favourite cake. I love them all!
I would have to pick sponge cake. Filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and topped with dripping passionfruit icing. Yum!

I have two favorite cakes: German Chocolate and cheese cake. I really couldn't choose just one! :-)

Favorite Cake?? Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting! My mom would use a whole bottle of Red dye #2!! Great memory of being a little girl watching her bake! Miss Nora is adorable!! Thank you so much Erin!!

She is beautiful with eyes that just speak of mischief. Bet she's fun to have around. My favorite cake is Danish layer cake with yummy custard filling and a raspberry layer with whipped cream frosint. Yum!

Love the blue birds and would double-love winning a pattern! Miss Nora is certainly sweet too!

Miss Nora, your neice is precious! Any homemade cake is good! Loved to win your pattern, but really enjoy your BOM! Thanks once again for sharing your talent!
Ah, almost forgot, I was at Joann's last w/e, they had FQ bundles of 4 in graduated colors. I bought 4 color ways for using in your BOM.

Hi Erin, miss Nora looks so cute and the pattern is fantastic!! My favourite cake is the apple cake my daughter once in a while makes. I make it too but it just doesn't taste as good when she makes it. Hug from Anita.

Oh it is so hard to choose my favorite cake. I like old fashioned cakes, so I'd have to say either Applesauce Spice Cake with carmel frosting or Oatmeal cake with toasted cocoanut frosting. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! Oh Fooey! - Now I'm going to have to bake a cake this weekend!

Love your designs!!


Miss Nora is as cute as the pattern! I love to bake so there are many cakes that show up in my house. My favorite to bake is carrot cake, in fact I might need to do that today! But when my birthday rolls around I have to have a white bakery cake with lots of frosting. Yum!

Your niece is darling! As is your pattern named for her!!
My favorite cake is my mother's chocolate cake -- it's made mayonaise, and extra chocolate and it's sooooo rich and creamy, but not overly sweet. Yum! I may have to make one soon!!

I love the Black Forest Cake, the flavor is outstanding!!!
This still is one of my favorite cakes. My Mom make this for each my birthday.
I grew up eating this cake and you just brought back of childhood memories. Thanks so much for remind.
Miss Nora is a cute and adorable girl and will be a very beautiful woman.
thanks to make me remember those beautiful times.

Favorite cake...this is a hard one...but I absolutely love the chocolate layer cakes from Costco...can't ever stop eating those!

I just love any kind of chocolate cake as well as I love your patterns. A friend of mine gave me a tip of your blog so now I´m a eager student to your applique school! It´s so much fun!

As much as I love chocolate, my very favorite cake is spice cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM! also, very fall-appropriate.

:) Linda

Your niece is beautiful and so is the block. My favorite cake is anything that is chocolate -- the more chocolate the better! Thanks for the giveaway.

I'm not sure how it's called in English: marble cake?

Miss Nora is a very beautiful girl.
My favorite cake is carrot cake with the cream cheese topping!

Did someone say "Cake"?! So hard to pick just one, but it would have to be German's Chocolate Cake!

It's carrot cake for me, followed closely by Texas sheet cake. I love your patterns and would love to win Miss Nora. Miss Nora the quilt and the girl are beautiful!

Homemade birthday cake is the best!! Especially when the decorative icing is put on with one of those squirty things! Most times I made my kids birthday cakes the icing ended up being squirted in their mouths and not on the cake!

My sweet mother in law always made a yellow cake with 7 minute frosting covered with coconut pieces. THAT is MY favorite cake! Your niece has the sweetest face.

What a lovely pattern and a cute niece :-)
I love apple-wine-cake. I think you havent´t heard it before because its applewine is a german speciality and I am a german reader of your blog.

viele Grüße

Nora has beautiful eyes and a mischievous smile...what a combination! ;-) My new favorite cake for sharing at home is the eggless Quick Chocolate Cake recipe I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website. It's fantastic with buttercreme frosting, either chocolate or vanilla. My daughter is coping with food allergies now and the egg allergy has been particularly tough to cope with. But I also love a slice of pound cake now and then too.

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