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Can't wait to see this with the border!

Beautiful. The darker color scheme gives a rich look that is almost voluptuous. Very nice!

Wow Erin, it looks fantastic.

omg, i looks absolutely gorgeous at this point. can't wait to see what happens next. loooooooove your work

I agree with Jane. The purple just jumps. I think this is my fave out of all the blocks I've seen you do.

WOW, your work is really gorgeous!

Love it! The asymmetry is really appealing, and I think it will be really gorgeous against the background. You are fabulous, dear!

Totally and completely lovely! I love your work and your designs, and your applique method. I'm in the process of doing your Floribunda series, and just ordered the medallion for the 2011 one, as well. You are one talented lady.

Erin, this is beautiful! Another winner under way!

This is so amazingly lovely - how long does it take you do a block from start to finish???

I love it.

I like the darker colors as well. I think they "pop" in a good way. Just like you like pink, I like purple. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Wow! What great colors.


WOW!!!! As soon as I saw the flowers I actually gasp. It is Fabulous. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. Good Luck with the competition.

That looks terrific!!!

I just joined the BOM! OMG I love it!! Now I gotta catch up tho. :) Thanks for your pictures and video! It makes learning and understanding so fun.

This post really had me thinking about this particular issue in way I havent before. Its something I do believe we need to talk about more. Thankyou.

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