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I bought my daughter one similar to this one :http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?DeptID=77797&CatID=77797&Grptyp=PRD&ItemId=196ce8f&cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-Google-_-Toys-_-Hello%20Kitty%20Sewing%20Machine but it is barbie, not Hello Kitty. It is still in the box because I bought it 4 years ago, when my daughter was three. There are Hello Kitty ones that run about $110 also that are a bit more intense. depending on what you would want to spend, I would maybe start with the cheaper one, with a promise of upgrading when they got more involved. That way if it is a waning interest, you are not that invested.

I bought my daughter a Janome SEW MINI.
I've all ready tried it out.
It's like a grown up machine but then everything is tinier.
There are the normal stitches like forward and backward, zig zag and a few fantasy stitches.
The sound of the machine is like a snoring cat.

Good luck and lot's of fun with teaching them to sew.

I would go for a good solid second hand mechanical machine. I taught both my daughters to sew when they were between 8 and 10 and they learnt on my old machine bought when I was expecting my oldest daughter. If you can get one that has the ability to change the speed between a fast and a slow that is very good but not essential. In my opinion the most important thing is to have a table (and chair) that is the right height for the children's height so they do not have to be straining to reach the foot pedal. Good luck and can I just say they are very lucky girls to have an auntie who will teach them and a mother who sees the importance of requiring the skill.

What about a featherweight.? Indestructible....will last a lifetime..easy to thread. Just need to get a 1/4 inch foot with the edge.
I really hate spending money on the plastic machines of today. You can pick them up reasonable too.


Looks like people have great advice on sewing machines. What a fantastic idea to teach your nieces to sew, something that will bring them joy for a lifetime!♥

I learned to sew on a regular, nothing fancy machine when I was about that age. Go for the best quality in the price range because if the machine is persnickety then it won't be fun to sew. How exciting to help introduce sewing to your nieces!

That is a good idea about making sure the table and chair are the right size. I too have seen the Hello Kitty machine at my local shop - looks like fun- I wouldn't mind having it for myself! Having a Featherweight is a good idea too, an investment in a good machine.

Wonderful, what a great legacy you will leave with them. A small Janome or a Kenmore mini ultra sold by Sears. They are $100. The one I have is a good solid machine, great for taking to classes. Works similar to my featherweight. Disclaimer...mine is a few years old, so I haven't seen the quality of the new ones. Another suggestion I would give is to check out Craigslist, there are always people selling great older solid machines perfect for new learners.

One of my buddies found a small Singer at Hancocks I believe for about $30 last weekend. Might be a great starter machine for those 2 gorgeous little girls-

If I was buying for my neice or asked to pick I would take them to the Bernina dealer and ask to see the used mechanical machines. I have a 1001 and I have taught several children to sew with it. It is solid so it won't slide around on the table when they try to push the fabric through (unlike my featherweight which we started the lessons on) and there are very few buttons for them to have to concern themselves with. You know how they want to play with all the buttons.
I would even check out Ebay. You don't have to worry too much with the mechanical machines. There is very little that can go wrong with them.
I wouldn't buy a machine to teach them on that I wouldn't want to use every day. I don't believe price dictates quality but I do believe if I buy a $50 machine I get $100 worth of frustration. I bought one of those machines when I first started quilting and I still remember the sounds it made and the horrible stitches I constantly had to pick out. UGH! If I wasn't so stubborn I would have given up on sewing.

Janome Sew mini is awesome for the little ones. I gave them to my granddaughters a few years ago and they are still running great. Don't go with a Singer as I bought three of those first and each one broke immediately. I took them back and got the Janome.

Here in Holland you can get the Janome Sew Mini, I see someone else mentioned it too. It is a light weight machine, often used for children or even adults we use it for classes!
I learned it is the only very small childrens machine who actually has a proper bobbin!

Erin, without a doubt, the Hello Kitty sewing machine is a terrific machine. You can see a pic here:


It's made by Janome. It even makes buttonholes. Beautiful stitch. A machine that will grow with the girls for not too much outlay.

If its in the budget, I'd go with what I learned on...a 221 Singer Featherweight. Its small, durable, uncomplicated and will last several lifetimes if cared for.

I will start off by admitting I am partial to the Brother machines, however the machine I let my children use 8-13 yo is my cs6000i. can be found for a reasonable amount and the accessory box is fully loaded. Why I choose this machine is the adjustable speed for the child at the machine. Even while supervising the kids, I still want them to feel the control of what is happening under the needle. Best of luck with the search.

Hi dear ,Sorry I dont know anything about sewing machine,As SueS told u can see in that picture ..Great post ...https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=batch_download&send_id=817789614&email=7cff47bb7cdcb76fbfa15e66c81a1961 U both looks so cute and Pretty too ...Ur lovely smile made my day ...

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